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Green Light laser therapy

Green light laser therapy surgery uses laser energy  in order to solve certain medical complications.

GreenLight laser therapy
Green Light laser therapy

It is a minimally invasive surgical technique. 

Laser therapy can be performed in day hospitals or surgeries. Patients can go home a few hours after the intervention. 

But in some cases -if patients live far away or if they have some other medical problems, overnight stay in hospital is recommended.

Most patients leave hospital a few hours after the intervention and in a couple of days they can get back to their usual activities but they should avoid any strenuous activity.

How is the procedure carried out?

After a doctor assesses  whether the patient is a right candidate for Green light laser therapy, he informs him about the whole procedure and post-operative course.

A doctor also informs the patient about risks and necessary steps that should be taken in case of complications.

Most patients feel better and  experience the improvement in the urine flow immediately after the intervention or within next 24 hours.

Medical patients’ history, their general health and other factors can influence the length of recovery period.

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