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Bronchoscopy is an endoscopic technique of visualising the inside  of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.



An instrument (bronchoscope),which is thin and flexible, is inserted into  the airways,usually through the nose or mouth.Using the bronchoscope, your doctor can view all of the structures  that make up your respiratory system including your larynx, traches and the smaller airways  of your lungs, which include the bronchi  and bronchioles.

Bronchoscopy is usually done  to find the cause of a lung problem. Your doctor may take  a biopsy sample of mucus  or tissue  from your lungs during the procedure to test it in a lab. 

The emminent team of the Atlas general hospital  carry out this procedure  with the aim of further bacteriological, cytological, histopathological and imunohistochemical examiations and furher therapies.


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