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ENT examinations

Otorhinolaryngology deals with diagnosing and treating ear, throat and nose diseases in children and adults.

ORL pregledi
ENT examinations

The basic otorhinolaryngological examination includes the ears, nose,throat and neck examination. 

The eminent team of otorhinolaryngologists in the Atlas general hospital, help patients solve their hearing problems and sinuses diseases by using the most advanced equipment.

How is the ENT examination carried out?

In the Atlas general hospital the following ORL examinations can be carried out:

-Interventions such as inhalation,ear irrigation,etc.

-Therapies (intravenous and infusion therapy)

-Audiometry and tympanometry

-Vertigo examination

The otorhinolaryngologist’s examination in the Atlas general hospital includes:

-case history,a detailed conersation with a patient about his general health

-clinical examination

-tympanometry (if necessary)

-ear irrigating (if necessary)

-the use of ear wick (if necessary)

-establishing diagnosis and prescribing therapy

-suggesting additional examination (if necessary)


If a doctor finds it necessary, he will ask for swab culture and biochemical blood analysis.

Besides standard ENT  problems like bacterial and fungal externa ear infections,middle ear  and Eustachian tube diseases in children and adults, mouth and gullet diseases, otorhinolaryngology also deals with the vocal cords problems, hearing  problems in children and adults.It also examines and treats vertigo.

The Atlas general hospital is equipped with various diagnostic devices and tests which enable the following diagnostics:




-microscopic ear examination

-allergy skin tests for inhalation allergens


-aspiration of nasal secretion and ear lavage to remove cerumen

-nasal bleeding treatment-front tamponade

-nasal bleeding treatment- rear tamponade

Apart from the ENT examinations,in the Atlas general hospital,the following surgeries can be performed:

-frenulum resection- frenectomy

-adenoid removal (adenoidectomy)

-adenoid removal (adenoidectomy) with inserting ventilation tubes

-tonsils removal (tonsillectomy)

-tonsils removal (tonsillectomy) with inserting ventilation tubes



-nasal polyps removal

-vocal cords polyps removal (LMS)


-nose reposition




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