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Accommodation and meals

It is very important for us that you feel comfortable in order that your recovery runs smoothly.

That is why we invest in our premises trying to make them comfortable and modern. 

In the hospital ward there are single, double and three-bed rooms, equipped with most modern beds and the equipment for monitoring patients.

Smeštaj ishrana pacijenata Atlas bolnica
Accommodation and meals

Each room is equipped with:

Apart from that we try to offer adequate meals

Diverse nutrition


We are aware that healthy food is important for your recovery  and that is why we try to make healthy  and diverse offer  of food specially prepared for you.

You can choose a menu you like, after consulting and getting approval from your doctor.

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Prostor i oprema

Premises and equipment

The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment according to the highest standards.
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O nama

About us

Atlas is the first Serbian private hospital focused on surgical services provided by best experts.
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