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Gynecology is a branch of medicine dealing with female reproductive system, its diseases and treatment.


The word gynecology is of Greek origin “gine” meaning woman and “logos” meaning science.

In the literal sense, gynecology is the science of women.

Gynecology is closely connected with Obstetrics; it follows and studies changes in women’s bodies throughout pregnancy until delivery.


Modern times have brought us the advancement of many scientific disciplines, and so has gynecology developed, which today occupies a significant place in the health culture.

Gynecologists take care of the health of your genital organs. During pregnancy, they monitor changes in your body and control the health of the fetus until birth.

Atlas General Hospital and its eminent gynecology experts are dedicated to working, following modern trends and methods of treatment, and a team of gynecologists is available to patients: Dr. Luka Anđelić,  Dr. Milan Dokić and Dr Predrag Jokanović


The following examinations can be performed at our hospital to diagnose and treat diseases of the genital tract of women:


Colposcopy is a microscopic examination of the surface of the cervix of the metric and vulva which, when associated with the PAP smear, reveals with great certainty (95%) changes in the cervix. PAP cervical smear is used to detect changes in the cervix early.

Ultrasound examination reliably diagnoses possible changes in the internal genital organs through the abdomen (with full bladder) or the vaginal probe.

Atlas General Hospital performs state-of-the-art surgery in gynecology.

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