Center for spinal disorders • Atlas General Hospital

Center for spinal disorders

Center for spinal disorders

The Atlas General Hospital is a leading institution in our country for treating spinal disorders.

Team of best regional experts in spinal surgery use the latest methods of treatment and perform major spinal operations.

Spinal column surgery solves the most complex problems which effect the spine and the whole organism.

Centar za bolesti kičme

Center for spinal disorders


The spinal column consists of vertebrae interspersed with discs which like shock-absorbers enable people to walk upright and to have the right body posture.

The spinal column consists of three parts: cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral. Different pathologic changes which can affect the spinal cord as well as stability of the spinal column can be successfully treated with an adequate surgery.

The spinal column is the basis of human body and it enables people to have upright walk.

The spinal column is lined with muscles on the outer side while inside the spinal column there is the canal where the spinal cord and nerves are situated.


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