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Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Oncology is becoming more important year after year, taking into account the increasing number of malignant diseases. One of the tasks of oncology is the screening of the population and relatives of patients diagnosed with malignant diseases, which have a strong hereditary basis (such as breast cancer). Specialists are constantly researching and trying the new types of therapy, while existing treatments are improved in order to find the most effective therapy.

The oncology specialist in cooperation with doctors of other specialties deals with diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases.

The field of oncology has three main areas: medical, surgical and radiological.

There are other types of oncologists that are:

A person with cancer is often treated by a team of oncologists who specialize in different areas of oncology. This approach is very helpful for treating cancer because it combines operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Oncologist follows the patient from establishing cancer diagnoses during the entire course of illness. The role of an oncologist includes the following activities:

In Atlas General Hospital you can perform the following oncology services: 

Breast cancer

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