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Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting the Atlas website or contacting us via e-mail.


Atlas understands that protecting the privacy of visitors to our site is of great importance, and especially sensitive information about your health. Therefore, we have taken the necessary steps to meet the world standards in protecting privacy. Your personal data is being processed in accordance with the laws of the European Union as well as in accordance with other local laws governing the issues of storing, processing, accessing and transferring personal data.

General Hospital Atlas is committed to protect the privacy of all users of our services in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We collect only the necessary, basic information about the users and the data necessary for providing our services and informing the users, in order to provide the best quality services.

We give users the ability to choose whether they want to leave their personal information, including the ability to decide whether they want or not to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns.

All data on service users is strictly kept and only available to employees who need this information to perform the job.

Atlas web site collect, retain, and store  your personal information in accordance with these privacy policies, as well as applicable laws, policies and policies . The Privacy Policy refers to personal information (defined below) collected by Atlas via electronic communications (website, e-mail, etc.). This rule does not apply to personal information collected by non-electronic communication, unless these data are consolidated with data electronically received. This rule does not apply to any information collected by a third party, which is linked to the Atlas website, whose content and privacy policies Atlas does not control.


We collect only those personal information, on the basis of which they could be identified, which you decide to give us. These data are not disclosed to a third party, except in the case of your permission to do so.

Please carefully read the privacy policy to learn more about the way we collect, use, and protect information collected electronically.

  • Information collected
  • Your choice
  • Security
  • Data usage
  • Insight into data and their transfer
  • Links to other sites
  • Privacy protection of children
  • Additional information about websites
  • Note to users of business or professional websites
  • Privacy protections
  • How to get in touch with Atlas


Information collected

There are two methods by which Atlas collects personal data electronically:

  • Information we receive
  • Personal Information: You can visit our website without providing any personal information. We can collect information from which you can identify (such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) only when you decide to give it to us. We can collect personal health information through your answers to questions and through the questionnaires you filled out.
  • Common information: In some cases, with the information you provide, the ability to identify is removed, and the information is processed along with information received from other users. These data can then be combined with other data to provide anonymous, aggregated statistical information (for example- the number of visitors, the name of the internet service providers of access, etc.) that can help us improve our products and services.


  • Information that is automatically collected

Certain information is automatically obtained every time you contact us on the internet site, or by e-mail we exchange. Technologies used for automatic data collection can include, for example, internet server logs / IP addresses, cookies, and web beacons.

Internet server logs / IP addresses. An IP address is the number assigned to your computer every time you access the Internet. The complete identification on the Internet is done through IP addresses, enabling computers and servers to recognize each other and thus communicate. Atlas collects IP addresses to report its representations, business partners and / or suppliers about the performance of the website, or to prepare additional analysis related to the operation of the website.

Cookies“. “Cookie” is part of information that is automatically placed on your computer’s hard drive when you access certain websites. This way, the server identifies your browser. “Cookies” allow us to store information on the server that helps us to facilitate your access to the website, as well as to analyze the site. Most internet browsers are configured to accept cookies, although you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to execute each time a cookie is sent. However, keep in mind that certain parts of our website will not work if your browser rejects cookies.

Web Beacons“. On certain websites or e-mails, Atlas can use the usual internet technology called “Web beacon” (sometimes called “action tag” or “clear GIF technology.”). “Web beacon” helps in analyzing the efficiency of the website by measuring, for example, the number of visitors to the website, or how many times a visitor has entered the key pages of the website.

Web beacons, cookies, and other technologies used to monitor Internet traffic do not automatically generate personal information that you can identify. Only if you voluntarily provide specific information that we can identify you with, for example, by registering or sending us an e-mail, these technologies can be used to provide us with more information about you and your way of using websites and / or interactive e-mails in order to make it easier for you to use them.


Your choice

You can use our websites in several ways. You can choose not to send us any information that can identify you, by not typing any information about you on the website, and by not using services that allow you to customize your website. Some websites may ask you for permission to use certain information about you, and you may decline or agree to do so. If you choose to use a particular service or communication method, such as, for example, e-newsletter, you will be able to cancel the subscription at any time, following the instructions that are attached to each communication with you. If you decide to cancel a specific service or subscription, we will try to delete your information immediately, but we may need more information before we complete your request.

As described above, if you want to prevent you from being identified while you are on our website, you can set your browser to either, rejects cookies, or notify you every time a cookie is sent.


Atlas uses technology and safety precautions, rules, and other procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, misuse, detection, loss or destruction. In order to ensure the confidentiality of your data, Atlas also uses industry standards when it comes to operating system security and password protection. However, it is your personal responsibility to ensure that the computer you use is protected against malicious software such as “Trojan”, computer viruses and malwares. It’s clear to you that without adequate security measures (such as the configuration of Internet browsers, regular updates to antivirus programs, firewalls, unused software from suspicious sources) there is a risk that the data and passwords you use to protect your personal information will be detected by the third party.


Use of data

The Atlas, including affiliates, divisions and / or companies that engage in providing services on our behalf, will use the personal information you choose to provide us in order to meet your requirements. We retain control and responsibility for the use of this information. Some of the information we receive can be stored or processed on computers located in areas with different jurisdictions, such as the EU or the United States, where data protection laws are different in relation to the area in which you live. In this case, we will ensure that the protection of your data is adequate to the one that is in force in the country in which you live.

The information used for various human resource management procedures (Performance Management, Succession decisions, or Development actions) will help us to  better understand your needs and how we can improve our products and services. It also helps us personalize communication with you about services and promotions that we think can be interesting to you. For example, we can analyze sex  or age of visitors to our sites dedicated to a particular medicine or disease, and then use this data together with other data to analyze internally or share them with others.


Insight into data and their transfer

Atlas provides insights into personal information that can identify you to various outside companies or agents involved in conducting business transactions, such as providing customer service, sending marketing communications about our products, services, or offerings, or technology maintenance. It is also possible to share these data with affiliates and affiliates. In this case, all these companies and agents have a duty to comply with our privacy policies.


Personal data that could be identified can also be detected for the following purposes:


(a) in connection with the sale, transfer or other transfer of work relating to the site, if the data relate to it;

(b) in response to appropriate requests from government agencies, or if so required by law, court orders or government regulations; or

(c) if necessary for the purpose of corporate control, or in cases where there is a need to investigate the complaint or there is a security threat.


No direct third party use for marketing. We will not sell or otherwise dispose of personal information that may identify you to a third party for direct use for marketing purposes, unless we have requested and obtained permission from you.


Send your colleague information by e-mail. On some Atlas sites, you have the option to send a link or message to your friends or colleagues, referring them to the Atlas website. The email addresses you specify will only be used for sending information and will not be used by Atlas or third parties for any purpose.


Links to other sites

On our website there are links that lead to different websites that can provide you with useful information. Our security policy does not apply to these websites, so we advise you to contact them directly with information about their privacy policy.


Privacy protection of children

Our websites are intended for adults. We do not collect any personal information about persons we know are under the age of 13, without the prior, provable consent of their legal representatives. Legal representatives have the right to inspect all information that the child has submitted and / or require that information be erased on request.


Additional information about the website

If the web site has specific privacy-related measures, but differs from the ones shown here, these measures will be displayed on the same page on which personal information is collected to identify you.


Note to users of business or professional websites

If you are in business or professional relations with Atlas, we may experience the use of data that you have left on our websites, including sites that are intended only for business or professional users, to meet your requirements, and develop business relationships with you and the companies you represent. This information may also be shared with a third party engaged to perform some work on our behalf.


Updates to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, Atlas may revise this privacy policy. Any changes to this policy will automatically be displayed on these pages. Using our site after receiving information about changing the Privacy Policy means that you agree that the new information you provide may be treated in accordance with the changed privacy policy. The current active privacy policy dates from 1 November 2005.


How to get in touch with Atlas

For questions, or if you want to change or delete your profile (email, phone, first and last name), please contact us by mail at the below address:



Osmana Đikića 3, Belgrade

1100 Belgrade, Serbia

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