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Chiropractic treatment involves the manual placement and manipulation of the spine, vertebrae, large and small joints and soft tissues. Chiropractic is one of the manipulative techniques that was known thousands of years ago. Modern chiropractic is one of the recognized integrative medical procedure.

The main task of the chiropractor is to find the blockage, to remove it with the manipulative technique and to eliminate the neurophysiological issue at certain level, and then to give the body the opportunity to start the natural process of self-healing. The body can more effectively regulate the process of self-healing and improve health if the tension from the nervous system is removed which is stressed by subluxation.

The manipulation itself is absolutely safe, provided it is carried out by a professional and medically trained chiropractor. The fact is that even pregnant women can also use chiropractic as a form of treatment.

What is subluxation?

Subluxation is the movement of the vertebrae, which leads to tension in the muscles, ligaments, discs and tendons, which interferes with the normal flow of signals traveling through the human nervous system, acts irritating to the nerve roots and leads to pain or unpleasant sensations on the periphery nerves.

Pain and restricted movement are the main symptoms that chiropractic successfully resolves. When patient start to feel uneasy, numb, or with the feeling of increasing tension in any part of the back it is the advised to get right away to the therapist because then issues can be resolved  in a relatively short time. When we ignore the pain and when the problem lasts for a long time, the recovery process is a little more complicated, but it is also solved. The best result is achieved by a combination of chiropractic, decompression and physical therapy when it is indicated. All these treatments can be used by those who do not have some significant problems but in order to prevent their occurrence.

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Frequently Asked Questions about chiropractic tehnique:


How does chiropractic work

Chiropractic is a specific manual placement of the spine or other joints, which can help eliminate pain, stiffness and tension in the joints and muscles, bringing the segments into a physiological position.


Back pain – does chiropractic treatment help

Modern lifestyles, daily sitting, lack of physical activity are just some of the causes of back pain. Each of us has felt this pain at least once in the life, in the lumbar, thoracic spine, and more prevalent now is neck pain. If patient comes immediately then the recovery is most effective and the issue is solved after a few treatments. If the pain lasts longer and the degree of damage is more serious, the rehabilitation process itself is a little more complex, but the problem is definitely solved.



Chiropractic for herniated disc

The disc is a soft shock absorber inserted between the spinal vertebrae whose role is to receive and alleviate the stress generated in the spinal column during daily activities. In discus hernias, there is a leakage of the disc that can put a pressure on the nerve roots, leading to a pain-affected region, and in more severe cases it spreads to distant segments. With chiropractic, we act on the soft tissue structures, like the spine itself.  With certain techniques, we perform unburdening, restoring the spine vertebrae to a physiological position, which enables restoration of the disc to its original position.

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Is Chiropractic safe?

Yes, it is.  Research has shown that chiropractic treatment is safe provided that it is performed by a medically trained chiropractor. Adjusting your spine and joints is certainly safer than taking too many painkillers. 

What if I had surgery already

During the postoperative recovery, the operated segment is avoided, but areas above or below can be treated. Chiropractor can help reduce pain after surgery and also prevent the need for future interventions. After surgery there could be certain decrease in the mobility of the operated part, which causes stress on other parts of the spine, while chiropractic restores the normal mobility of those parts.

Is Chiropractic good for prevention

The best results of chiropractic are when the first symptoms, discomfort and pain appear, to seek advice and help. The treatment can be used by everyone: children, young and old, pregnant women….


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