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Interventional Radiology

What is interventional radiology?

“Interventional Radiology” (IR) refers to a range of techniques which rely on the use radiological image guidance (X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography [CT] or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) to precisely target therapy. Most IR treatments are minimally invasive alternatives to open and laparoscopic surgery. Regarding the fact that many IR procedures start with passing a needle through the skin to the target it is sometimes called “pinhole surgery”.



Interventional radiology is minimally invasive treatment that can be used in every medical specialties and its options are always less invasive. Interventional radiologists can reach the very root of the medical problem through blood vessels or directly through skin thus performing precise and minimally invasive treatment. Many illnesses can be treated by interventional radiologist. Every year there are new discoveries, new locations of the root of the illnesses and new ways the health issues are treated.

First of all you should be informed so that you can find out all options about treatment of your problem or illness. As demands for minimally invasive surgery are more and more present Atlas General Hospital started procedures and began to cooperate with experts of this branch. You should insist on second opinion, do your research, inquire your doctor about the possibilities the medicine is capable to offer you, and one of these options is certainly Interventional radiology.

Advantages of interventional radiology:

Interventional radiology is dynamic field of medicine that has been changing rapidly, but is not new one because millions of people suffer from peripheral artery diseases (PAD), or hardening of the arteries, and interventional radiologist treat these for years. Some patients need more than exercise and diet change-intervention that includes small balloon in clogged vein! Angioplasty was discovered by interventional radiologists in ’60s. It is golden standard for PAD.

Interventional radiology and procedures based on our hospital procedures we can divide in:

Interventional radiology of the digestive system



Bile ducts 

Interventional radiology of urogenital tract

Interventional radiology of reproductive system 

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