CRISALIX – 3D simulator-before and after plastic surgery


The most up to date, revolutionary 3D simulator as integrative part of standard preoperative preparation is available at the Atlas General Hospital within Atlas aesthetics.


Plastic surgery requires serious approach of a surgeon as well as patient and is not to be easily taken.

Up to now it was not possible to see in advance the final result of plastic surgery correction of your body.

It is normally that before surgical cut the patient wants to see the result in advance, or that they want to have clear picture of the body and face in advance.

Now it is possible! Combining years of experience of a surgeon and the new artistic word-Crisalix technology, it is possible to offer the patient a “advance showing” cosmetic changes in order to improve the level of service and treatment that patients deserve.



Using sensor and 3D camera, surgeon of Atlas General Hospital take a few photos. Then the photographs are digitally processed to prepare an image of the patient’s body and face into a 3D model. For the first time in history of cosmetic surgery, the patient can see his body and face in 3D!



How Crisalix functions?

Our surgeons will scan your body using i Pad that has 3D sensor on top. A few moments later you will be able to see your body in 3D format.  Then we will simulate aesthetic intervention that is planned with appropriate implants. After that in just one click you will be able to see your knew look after aesthetic intervention.


Crisalix is recommended by the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)

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