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Atlas General Hospital is among the few rarely accredited private hospitals in Serbia

On 26th October 2016. acting director of Agency for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions of Serbia Mr Vladimir Arsenović awarded the certificate of accreditation to Dr Igor Georgijev, director of Atlas General Hospital.


Atlas General Hospital is among rare private hospitals in Serbia that has achieved the highest level of compliance with accredited standards and got the accreditation certificate for a 3 year period.



We thank you and congratulate the whole Atlas General Hospital team on exceptional work, thanks to which we have obtained this certificate!





  • Accredited facility has proved to the Agency for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions of Serbia to have:
    Detailed procedures for risk management within the entire facility in order to ensure maximum safety of patient/client
  • Comprehensive quality system that actively searches for problems in providing services and tries to solve them.
    Compliance in all key aspects of health care prescribed by the Agency for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions of Serbia.
  • When the facility receives accreditation there is no guarantee that it will not have any failures in the future, but if and when such failures occur, accredited facility will have established system that detects, corrects and makes sure they will not happen again.
    The advantages gained through accreditation are as follows:
  • Improvement of the quality of health care by setting optimal and attainable objectives for the fulfillment of standards for accreditation.
  • Creating a database of health care facilities that successfully meet certain standards and criteria.
  • Reducing health care costs as a result of improvement of the quality of services and patient safety.
  • Providing training programs and additional training, as well as providing consulting services to management and staff to improve the profile and the introduction of “good practice” in health care.
  • Increasing public confidence in the quality of health care.
  • Reducing risk and increasing safety for patients and employees.

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