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Cryocompression therapy in early postoperative course

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Therapy with cold water flow under air pressure

If you have suffered injury of soft tissue or you have planned orthopedic surgery, and you want to come back to daily activities and every day life, one of the devices that can help you is Game Ready. 

Game Ready-enabling the integrated delivery of continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies is our daily routine for the patients that use physical therapy just hours after finish of operation treatment.

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“RICE” procedure

(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is in use for years for treatments of acute and chronic injuries and it accelerates healing in postoperative therapy. Part of this regime is cooling of the injured part.

Many professional athletes and medical experts decide to try Game Ready that uniquely combine cooling regulation with temporary compression and thus offers two very important steps in “RICE” regime.

What cold and compression therapy is used for?

This method of physical therapy we use to reduce swelling of the operated part, for reduction of pain, slowing down the flow of the blood into the deeper tissue where bleeding can be present, and compression helps in control of the liquid and limitation of the pain on the damaged part of the body, prolonged analgesic effect, and purpose of this all is faster tissue healing and faster and easier recovery.

Cold compression is not new method for healing of the acute issues on muscular-skeletal system after injuries, but with Game Ready device according to controlled  protocol of the physiotherapist we achieve ideal physiological conditions for therapeutic result that after performed therapy lasts for up to an hour.

Device for cryo intermittent pneumatic compression consists of box, cuff and hose for the flow of the cold water and air, and for its size it is easily portable to the patient in every moment. Combination of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy with the device Game Ready and continuous passive mobilization we have created daily rehabilitation protocols after operation of knee joint, like in renowned orthopedic centers.

Device Game Ready

Controlling unit of the device consists of the apparatus that is very simple for use, enables fast pressure control, temperature and treatment duration.  Game Ready ® Dual-Action bandaging are anatomically designed using NASA technology and projected thus so it can be done simultaneously temporary compression and cooling therapy in the same time. Patented bandaging have separated inner chambers, one for air, and the other for water. This unique design enables simultaneous adjustment of the level of compression and circulation of the liquid.