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Everything you need to know about breast health in one place


Breast examination + breast ultrasound + mammography

Every Tuesday and Saturday Dr Maria Karabašević, radiology specialist is performing an examination.

Examination of breast, ultrasound and mammography.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women. Every year, 4,000 new cases in Serbia are discovered. If diagnosed and detected in time, it is completely curable.

If you notice any change in your breast, do not ignore it!

It is possible that this is a harmless condition, but also a sign that warns of possible breast cancer.

In any case, the diagnosis should be made by a breast specialist. It’s very important who is the doctor who is performing these examinations, ultrasound, and mammography. That’s why, in our Atlas General Hospital, your top health care is taken care of by top experts like Dr Maria Karabašević.


pregled ultrazvuk mamografija

What you can do for your health is the following:

  • monthly breast self-exam for women of 20 years and over
  • clinical breast exams by doctors at least every 2 years starting from 20 years of age, and every year over 40 years of age
  • screening with mammography, breast x-ray with a special roentgen for mammography, for 2 years in women over 50 years of age and high-risk women aged between 40-50 years.

Women under 40 years of age with breast cancer cases or other risk factors, should consult first with their doctor about frequency of mammography screening.

Do not ignore your health and schedule an examination with us!