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Gastroscopy and colonoscopy in the Atlas general hospital

Why is necessary to carry out gastroscopy?


Gastroscopy is an excellent diagnostic method for detecting, treating and monitoring the diseases of the upper part of digestive tract.

It is short  and painless, so there is no need to be afraid.

For the time being, there are no other methods that can replace gastroscopy.

This is not only a diagnostic method but it is also a therapeutic method, as some minor interventions can be carried out using gastroscopy.

For more information see : Gastroscopy


Why is it necessary to carry out colonoscopy?


The most common reasons for carrying out colonoscopy are to assess the following:

-suspected colon cancer in persons of 50yrs plus 

-abnormal stools ( dark or black stools, blood in the stool)

-chronic diarrhea

-iron deficiency  anemia

-family history of colon cancer

-case history of polyps or colon cancer

-long-term unexplained stomach pain

For more information see: Colonoscopy

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