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Is chiropractic adjustment safe

Kiropraktičar beograd - Atlas

Atlas General Hospital within the Atlas Physical Therapy offers all types of physical therapy services and more recently chiropractic and traction services. We talk more about this today with Kosta Miladinovic, he is Ackermann master chiropractor.

Common problems solved by a chiropractor

Kosta Miladinović “Patients who come to us most often come for spinal issues. This localization of problems and pain is different for everyone. People have issues with the cervical spine, more and more often people also have pain in the thoracic spine, but of course the lumbar spine is the most common problem.

These are pain that can propagate in form of slight pain, such as morning stiffness, which is tied to the cervical spine. Pain in certain muscles or muscle groups that is somehow not so serious conditions. However, a lot of people have serious back problems and these pain can cause tingling. If the cervical spine is involved, then there may be tingling in the arm and along the arm as far as the fingers. If it is a lumbar spine, it all depends on the level at which the issue is located. Pain usually goes down from gluteal region to the toes ”.

What is the most common age for chiropractic treatment nowadays

Kosta Miladinović “Unfortunately, today more and more young patients, practically children, aged 13 – 14, are facing with certain issues. The fact that young people nowadays spend a lot of time in a sitting position, behind the computers, contributes to this. Young people also play games on a tablet or mobile phone and thus their posture is disturbed. Increasingly, children experience neck and back pain, as is the case in older patients. ”

kids with mobile phones

When the problem is solved, do the patients go back to their old life activities or is it really a reminder to change their habits

Kosta Miladinović “With chiropractic treatment we are solving a lot of issues. We reduce the problem and in some cases completely solve the problem. So the pain disappears and the first and only task of chiropractic is to make the patient painless. When a patient becomes ill, then we can talk about some long-term solutions. In addition to the chiropractors, the team also includes physiotherapists and doctors. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist – Physiatrist prescribes therapy. It all depends on the patient’s condition, what the problem is, how far it has progressed and what his nature is. ”

What happens when we ignore back and neck pain or when the issues lasts too long and can you diagnose that it takes longer than it should, or can waiting just aggravate the condition

Kosta Miladinović “Pain is the first sign that something is happening, also pain and limited movement. We appeal and always talk about it that as soon as a person feels any annoyance, tightness, pain, whatever, then he can turn to us and call for help. A worse option is when the patient suffers the pain.

It also happens that patients take some painkillers, apply some cream and move on. Over time, only the issue deepens, so at that biomechanical level, the problem remains the same, even worse. In that case we cover the receptors with a certain therapy and then we are not even aware of the problem. Until the patient arrives, until the expert examination is done, until the medical history is taken, only then are we aware and see what the issue really is. Then the problem can also be solved and resolved, but it already requires a little more engagement and a slightly longer period of time, but certainly it can be very helpful at the end”.

What is chiropractic nowadays

Kosta Miladinović “Nowadays chiropractic is quite different from the chiropractic practice that was done earlier. Chiropractic and manipulative methods have been used for thousands of years. Behind today’s modern chiropractic is a series of researches, various works and above all hundreds of thousands we can say in the world of satisfied patients who use chiropractor services. We have data that in America in over 60 colleges they practice chiropractic. In Europe, this number is increasing, so that today’s chiropractic is very different from the time it was 50 years ago, even 15-20 years ago. ”

Ackermann college diplome

Has the awareness of patients changed, that chiropractic care is being taken by educated people who know how to do their jobs

Kosta Miladinović “People’s consciousness is slowly changing in terms of chiropractic. Good and significant information is that in our country in Serbia, people’s consciousness is slowly changing. People are beginning to look at us chiropractors as skilled and medically educated persons and not some, as I would say „bone crackers“, for which people have so far linked the concept of chiropractors and chiropractors. ”

Do patients come directly to you or do they have a check up first and then are advised to visit a chiropractor?

Kosta Miladinović “It happens that people come directly to me. Who does not have some serious issues, he comes to check up, and then it is diagnosed if the patient needs treatment and how much treatment he needs. If we notice that something is not right, that the patient is feeling some pain in certain regions, whether it is the back, the propagation of pain along one or both legs, the patient should certainly do additional analyzes and additional tests. A physiatrist is also working with us and if necessary, some additional diagnostics will be done, such as x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, where we can clearly see where the issue is and how far the problem actually has gone -if it is advanced issue or just an acute condition. ”

How many chiropractic treatments are needed

Kosta Miladinović “We cannot say how many treatments are needed in advance. Each of us is an individual and specific. And if we have the same diagnosed problem, me, you or someone else will not respond the same. So, the number of treatments and the intensity, is specific for every person.  If the patient responds promptly, then we have achieved very good results in several treatments”.

Patients most commonly report neck or back pain, and for which condition is chiropractic recommended

Kosta Miladinović “These are the most common patients whose issue is related to the spine. However, chiropractic also makes adjustments. It has a very positive effect on the large and small joints in the body, as well as on the musculoskeletal attachments and the muscular tendons. So even if we are working on soft tissues, manipulation of soft tissues will make patients feel a great deal of relief. Whoever to feel pain in the knee, hip or shoulder can be very uncomfortable, and it is only when pain is reported that we realize how much that shoulder we need actually in everyday life. We cannot function normally, brush our teeth, go to work. These are some of the most basic things where only then do we see how limited we really are. ”

chiropractic belgrade atlas

All these painful conditions automatically affect our mind because we are limited in our daily simple activities. It is definitely an invitation to turn to an expert to help us

Kosta Miladinović“Of course, we always appeal to patients that as soon as the first signs appear, whether it is a harmless thing, such as morning stiffness or pain, to come to us immediately, because then chiropractic produces the best results and helps the most “.

How much can we evaluate the condition as harmless or something as a first sign of something more complicated or something that may result in a more complicated condition if we leave it untreated.

Kosta Miladinović “Maybe if the pain lasts a long time. If the problem persists for a long time and we do nothing, we suffer and thus alleviate it with some medications, for example we try to ease the pain, the problem becomes worse over time. That is why it is very important to come for check up immediately and have an examination, evaluation and an adequate treatment plan.

Chiropractic treatment for a herniated disc

Kosta Miladinović  “Chiropractic is one of the most successful forms of conservative treatment for discus hernia. With chiropractic, we are trying to alleviate, unburden the vertebrae and additionally to act on the muscles, ligaments and tendons, all those structures that surround the vertebrae themselves. Therefore, we are contributing to the creation of a larger intervertebral space. The disk is of such a structure that it always tends to fall back into place because it is like gel, like gelatin. Of course, unless there is some serious damage, when the disc bursts or when the material leaks into the spinal canal, these are some conditions that require surgical treatment. But in other cases, at the initial stage we call „disc swelling”, chiropractic helps a lot and solves the problem. The patient does not have to go for surgery. ”

Does it happen that after chiropractic treatment patient do not need surgical treatment

Kosta Miladinović “Of course. It is often the case that we postpone surgery with chiropractic tratment or have no surgery at all. Naturally, these treatments have been repeated for some time, given the patient’s condition. The patient comes from time to time, as we say, for maintenance. Maintenance can be for a month, two, one treatment or two, it is individual and depends on the issue. The patient continues to function normally with the advice and some of the instructions we have shown him, such as exercises, lifting weight properly and simply adapting his lifestyle to the new situation. ”

What a chiropractic treatment actually looks like, for anyone who has not had the chance to try it. Let us know how it works and what the movements are.

Kosta Miladinović - Ackermann chiropractor

I suppose people often ask you if chiropractic treatment is safe

Kosta Miladinović  “Yes, it is a common question for us whether it is safe enough.

Chiropractic treatment is absolutely safe. I emphasize once again only if it is done by an expert and trained person.

This is supported by the fact that more and more children are coming to chiropractic treatment and of course pregnant women. We know that it is containdicated for pregnant women to take any therapy, and this pain occurs especially in the lower back. Pregnant women do not have a great choice of treatment but we can significantly relieve their issues with chiropractic treatment, we can help them to bear more easily that period of their lives”.

Right now we are watching and patients have the opportunity to see what the chiropractic treatment movements look like, which are very individual. The issue here was specifically in the lumbar region.

Kosta Miladinović “This is specifically the pain in the lumbar region. We had a two-level problem with this patient. At L4-L5 and L5 S1 levels. The first thing we try or do is on that muscular tendon. We relax the muscles, we try to relieve that lumbar part. Of course, in addition to the lumbar part, we also perform manipulation, relaxation of the gluteal muscles of the lower extremities, because it is a closed and connected.  This is now a movement where we manipulate the thoracic spine. ”

I believe patients wonder if the treatments are painful

Kosta Miladinović “Of course. Are you sure we already mentioned that? The patient is in a relaxed position during chiropractic care. It can be a little painful if the patient has certain muscle problems, rather I think of spasm but it occurs if the problem lasts a long time. This is why muscle relaxation is first and foremost manipulation. ”

When the patient comes, you tell him what to expect and what the treatment will look like

Kosta Miladinović  “Of course, I talk to every patient before treatment. What can they expect, what the treatment will look like, whether any side effects may occur. As for adverse reactions, if they occur at all, the following day, for example, may be something resembling muscle inflammation. We need to relax the muscle, tendons, and ligaments and then do the treatment.”

How does chiropractic feel, what do patients say

Kosta Miladinović“Most patients, especially those who are coming to chiropractic treatment for the first time, have this feeling, as they say, that they have erased the burden from the back. They feel significantly more free, significantly better.  When we do the cervical spine, they say that their eyes have opened, that their vision has cleared up, these are some reactions when they first come for treatment. ”

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