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Knee pain during walking

Bol u kolenu

Many people occasionally feel pain in their knees while walking. When our body functions perfectly, our body movements do not make us any problem. When there is pain, it is a signal that something is wrong. Such things often happen in sports, when we have demanding outdoor activities or as a result of a normal aging process.

Constant load of joints, wearing and tearing with time can cause pain.

Cause of pain do not have to be an injury. Usual tearing of cartilage joint surfaces is enough for pain. Almost all people begin to feel pain in their knees with time as result of long joint load. This symptom can be a sign that there are some underlying medical problem, so it is advisable to do analysis and to determine the cause so the treatment could begin in time.

Possible causes of knee pain

Causes of knee pain during walking can be different, but all of it can be divided in two large groups:
1.  Acute –  most often caused by trauma
2. Chronic – caused by difficult illnesses and loadings.

During injury, depending on the direction of action of the harmful forces, different structures of knee can be damaged, as well as it’s surrounding structures, nerve fibers, blood vessels and soft tissue. As a result of this on knee structures damage can appear withing a few minutes. There can be a swelling, hematoma etc.., so we can have serious pain during walking that could last relatively long.

Running, long walking on rough terrain, lifting heavy burden can lead to microtrauma of very sensitive part of the knee. As a result of constant overburden often there are inflammation and irritation of different structure of this part of the body:

1.  Bursitis – where we have problems with peri-articular cavities filled with fluids, which normally perform the function of amortization;
2. Tendovaginitis – changes in tendons and its membrane;
3. Thickening of ligaments of the joint and changes in structure of cartilage surfaces.
4. Nerves impingement of the knee, can also cause pain.

5. Autoimmune processes – are in the last place in which patient’s own immune system
attacks knee tissue.

Approach of the treatment

If you feel pain in the knee during walking, you should ask for help from your doctor. If this state lasts for too long, you can loose precious time while pathological process can still be stopped and cured. Otherwise knee can suffer irreversible changes.

Thus, it is very important to cure illness that has led to appearance of these symptoms. If cause can not be determined (thing that happen occasionally), then it is possible to apply general therapy that would prevent or alleviate degeneration of the knee and other surrounding tissues.

Pain-relieving option is one of choices, but is not recommended for longer period of time.  Anti-inflammatory medicines reduce inflammation and swellings, so the pain is alleviated. But, having in mind that theses kind of medicines destroy gastric mucous its’ long usage can be dangerous and can cause serious damage on the stomach.

In these kind of pain usage of special bandages can be efficient method. It holds joint thus preventing its twisting.
Massage is used for removing different types of blockades in nerves and tissues, as well as strengthening of surrounding muscles that stabilizes the joints. Physical therapy can be performed only after improvement of basic illness.
There are methods for regeneration of cartilage of the knee and stoppage of its destruction. In this case one should know that momentary results can not be achieved, but after several mounts of regular application. Beside this, its’ usage is acceptable only in the early phase of the disease when cartilage still exists.

In order to prevent function of the knee, as very important joint in the body, sometimes it is necessary surgical intervention. Atlas General Hospital has team of highly qualified experts and performs the most up to date knee operations.

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