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Medical care in the comfort of your home


Modern home medical care has become necessary and inevitable in today’s world. 

Treatment is for people that are not able to leave the home from different medical reasons or because simply they do not want to go in some medical institution or to wait for the medical examination. 

After several years of experience in surgery and medical clinical care, cooperation with experts from all medical fields, there was a need for medical care in home conditions.  This resulted in cooperation between Atlas General Hospital and “Beosestra” service. Atlas General Hospital experts will be available to the patients that use “Beosestra” services from now on in home as well as consultative examinations.

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“Beosestra” (“Beonurse“) mediates during making an appointment or intervention in medical institutions  or in home conditions with medical institutions that are performing diagnostics, laboratory analysis, operative procedures. This medical care are provided by highly educated nurses and clinical care specialists, nurses with long nursing clinical experience.

Services that are provided by “Beosestra” in home conditions are:

  • Injection IV, IM, S.C
  • Intravenous application ordered by a physician
  • Post operative wound dressing
  • Decubitus wound care
  • Colostomy care and disc change
  • Gastrostomy care and diet
  • Changing of stoma bag
  • Clisma application
  • Placement and changing of urinary catheter
  • Changing of diapers
  • Bathing
  • Medical devices procurement
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Blood and sugar pressure measuring
  • Taking blood for laboratory analysis in collaboration with Beo Lab laboratory
  • Advising and post operative diet plan
  • Collaboration with doctors – experts of Atlas General Hospital


Our common mission is to improve quality of life for all those that need our help. Patient who recover from disease or an injury, who live with a disease or have final moments of life- “Beosestra” with Atlas General Hospital offer services to patients at highest possible level. Through collaboration with doctors, our experts, we listen carefully to all our patients so we could recommend the equipment and clinical services that would fit best to patient need, life style and home environment.

Behind every visit as well as clinical services there are people that makes the difference in life of the people that are treated. Our team consists of reliable, educated doctors and medical staff with long experience in medical industry.

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