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The new partnership between Medtronic and Atlas General Hospital

A new partnership between Medtronic and the Atlas general hospital brings modern surgical technology and the possibility of treatment in Serbia.

This partnership will focus on improving the quality and accessibility of health care for patients with spine problems in Serbia.

Medtronic as the world leader in the field of medical technology, signed the agreement on integrated solutions for health care (Integrated Health Solutions – IHS) with the Atlas General Hospital from Belgrade.

As part of this partnership, both companies will contribute to the improvement of health care for thousands of patients of Atlas General Hospital who have problems with the spine health.

Using the IHS (Integrated Health Solutions ) Medtronic will introduce innovative and minimally invasive spinal technologies, but also will evaluate and identify how the processes and systems can be improved to reduce costs and increase efficiency and increasing the level of patient satisfaction.

“Using solutions for integrated health care in the hospital,” Atlas “will create a very innovative Medical Center in Belgrade, which will greatly contribute to our patient’s care system “,  said Igor Georgiev, Managing Director of the Atlas General Hospital.

Working together, Atlas and Medtronic will increase the number of patients who have access to the latest medical technology when it comes to spinal surgery. In the framework of this cooperation, the company Medronic will also allow hospitals to increase their efficiency, increasing the number of patients and reduced costs.

“Solutions for integrated healthcare of  Medtronic brings proven, international expertise created for cardiac catheterization labs and operating rooms in more than 100 hospitals around the world,” said Frederic Noel, Vice President of Sector Solutions for integrated healthcare of  Medtronic company.

“With the first such cooperation in Serbia, our partner will be able to provide advanced surgical and minimally invasive technology, as well as the clinical and economic value to patients in Serbia.”

The future of health care requires new approaches and new forms of innovation. Agreement on solutions for Integrated healthcare between Medtronic and Atlas is the next step in Medtronic’s efforts to become a leader when it comes to support of Serbian health care and in providing high quality care in a financially payable manner.

About Atlas General Hospital

The  Atlas General Hospital was founded in 2006, after the expansion of Hospital, a former hospital  specialized for plastic surgery.  The hospital is opened 24h a day,  365 days in a year.  It is situated in two modern and luxurious building of 1200 m2 + 400 m2 in the center of Belgrade.

Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

Solutions for Integrated Health Care is part of the company Medtronic, which is focused on cooperation and development of partnerships with health organizations. Its main goal is to help providers of health services to optimize the costs and outcomes, while at the same time raise the value of medical services and satisfaction of patients. In cooperation with medical institutions, IHS develops innovative services that improve efficiency, reduce costs, helps patients to gain access to different types of treatment, and improve treatment outcomes.

About Medtronic

Medtronic  ( with headquarter  in Dublin- Ireland, is one of the leading companies in the field of medical technology, services and solutions – which relieves pain, restores health and prolongs life of millions of people around the world. Medtronic employs more than 88,000 people worldwide and is on service to  physicians, hospitals and patients in about 160 countries. The company focuses on cooperation with  interested medical institutions worldwide  for better common improvement of health care.




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