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Surgery for spinal fractures

Kičma - Spine

Once it was thought that complex fractures of the spine meant that patient would be permanent disabled. That was almost the rule especially for older persons, which regenerative powers are much weaker.

It is not rare that patients with spinal fractures up to 6 months, or even more, would spend in prolonged spinal immobilization. The effects of this immobilization were not good enough and patient mostly were afraid from its bad consequences. With advances of modern medicine and techniques we have come to great solutions in patients that enables the patients fast recovery and going back to their daily duties.

Modern spinal surgery offers possibility that in one day spinal fracture can be put back in function, and patient return to daily duties.

Spine pain and age

With age bones loose their density so the possibility for spine injury is far greater than in youth. More than half of persons older than 60 years have constant or temporary pain in spinal column.

Spinalna hirurgija - Atlas opšta bolnica

The reason can be degenerative diseases of the spine, spinal fractures, worn out discs, spinal deformities and so on..

Many persons will accept pain in the spine and will take analgesics as inevitability. Nevertheless, it is important see the doctor and search for an adequate treatment because nowadays suffering is completely unnecessary. You don’t have to live with the pain in the spine.

Surgery in local anesthesia

In spinal fractures surgery is performed with help of endoscope with small cuts. With new techniques and extraordinary skill of dr Milenko Savić, in the vertebrae is inserted a glue-like material for the bones. Cement for bones is special material which  is not known for allergic reactions.

Procedure is performed in local anesthesia which is a great relief for older patients who usually have multiple diseases and could have problems during general anesthesia. Sometimes for this kind of surgery it used to be necessary to go in some of the renowned European clinics, while today it is routinely performed in Atlas General Hospital.

Beside surgery for spinal fractures (kyphoplasty), great attention can also be given to disc replacement surgery in neck or lumbar part with artificial prosthesis, because patients do not have to live with fixed and rigid spine.

Patients usually suffer neck, shoulder and lumbar pain for a long period of time, before they come to see the doctor. Then, they usually wait to see the doctor for a long period of time in various Clinical Centers.

Nowadays these things have changed, because technological advance of spinal surgery has brought true human way of treatment. Minimally invasive spinal surgery today are performed routinely without special risks and complications.

Easy recovery

Patients after spinal surgery recover very quickly. Regarding the fact that cuts are minimal, the time of recovery of the wound is much shorter. Complications are very rare and are generally are in form of hematoma. With spinal fracture, patient can move the same day several hours after the operation, while in replacement of artificial disc it is necessary to stay in hospital for two days.  Team of physiotherapists take care of the patient during their stay in hospital.

Atlas General Hospital-the place of your recovery

With modern diagnostic, perfect technical equipment of the hospital and excellent understanding of degenerative diseases and fractures, Atlas General Hospital enables to patients great saving of time.

Since entering the hospital with the pain in the spine, up to discharge from the hospital with completely solved problem and smile on the face, it is necessary only two, three days. Team of experts and other kind hospital stuff will help you to feel pleasant and happy stay in the hospital.

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