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A couple from Switzerland sent three respirators to Serbia

The struggle for respirators is growing in the world.. States compete between themselves on who will get a better offer and secure the purchase of respirators, that is important as life, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In such difficult times, each help and solidarity is of the utmost importance. A huge thank to all the doctors who work day and night to save people’s lives, as well as to the authorities that do everything to make it easier for us to function in these difficult circumstances.

Anesthesiologist Zoran Obradović and his wife donated respirators

It is our duty to pubblish this gesture of our dear friend and physician and his wife, who, even if they are not currently in their own country, show how big heart our people can have. With so much demand for respirators, it’s clear to you how difficult this is currently, and how big this gesture is.

Our friend, anesthesiologist Zoran Obradović with his wife, sent three respirators from Basel in Switzerland to Serbia. Thanks a lot from all friends, colleagues and citizens of Serbia!


In his address to the nation yesterday, President of Serbia Mr Aleksandar Vučić also thanked the Serbs of Switzerland who donated respirators to their country. A large number of companies as well as individuals are helping at this time according to their possibilities.

respiratori na aerodromu

Respirators have already arrived in Serbia.

“If you can’t go outside, go inside! Many people around the world are now suffering, feeling scared and insecure. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay connected, calm and compassionate! Remind yourself to be grateful for today ”- Ana Ivanovic

donacija respiratora iz Švajcarske

Athletes also providing donations to Serbia

The world’s best tennis player Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena will donate one million euros to their country to buy respirators and medical equipment.

He addressed reporters at an online conference in Marbella, where he is currently staying.

Our donation is one million euros for the purchase of respirators and additional equipment. Respirators are the most essential life-saving equipment. Judging by the condition in hospitals, they are already needed today and are the best short-term and long-term solution. So we decided to donate a million for respirators.

Celebrated Serbian tennis player and former Roland Garros champion Ana Ivanović delighted the whole of Serbia when she donated 35 respirators on Wednesday to help the most vulnerable in our country.

Ivanovic, with the help of several companies, participated in the procurement of respirators for Serbia, all done under the auspices of UNICEF whose ambassador Anna has been for years.

Ivanovic also contributed to the 1,700 most vulnerable families in Serbia receiving hygiene packages, while previously one of the most beautiful tennis players in the history of “white sport” and UNICEF jointly provided masks, protective suits, visor glasses and gloves for healthcare professionals.

In addition to assistance from China, a Russian Ilyushin aircraft, with equipment, respirators, medicines and other means, should land in Belgrade, including Russian doctors and other personnel and workers who will disinfect the facilities.

Together we can do anything.



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