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Bioregenerative medicine and treatment


Bioregenerative medicine and treatment

Bioregenerative medicine applies new methods and technologies to accelerate the physiological healing processes, enabling faster and more efficient healing of tissue.  Sport injuries or degenerative changes of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles with transplantation of stem cells from the bone marrow leading to significantly more rapid and more effective cure.

Dr Gordan Gavrilovic talks about stem cell treatment and  all other bioregenerative methods for  sports injuries  in orthopedics.

Dr Gordan Gavrilović

All surgical procedures are performed arthroscopically. In the Atlas General Hospital application of these methods helps patients with significantly more severe disease.

We are the only hospital at the territory together with Slovenian Clinical Center which are able to perform  the transplantation of stem cells from the marrow. So nobody in Serbia is working this kind of procedures nor in region (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania).

Stem cell transplantation from the bone marrow sample

The technique consists of aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac, shoulder or knee, and then with a special device, the specimen is converted into a gel enriched with stem cells (100 to 200 million cells in a preparation). In this way, we have so far solved the most cartilage knee problems, shoulder and ankle joint. We also solve problems with  initial hip degenerative changes, knee and ankle joint with  injection of these same stem cells that is treated  under X-rays.

This intervention has been proved to be very effective because it slows down the disease itself and patients are feeling much better, no more pain in the hips, thus delaying surgery in terms of installation of prosthesis of any joint. As for other techniques for bone cartilage and faster healing, we use also gels that are made of stem cells, we coat damaged cartilage that after six months – fibrocytes, and mesenchymal cells – pass into the tissue on which it was put. That is unique system that we exclusively do in all ex Yugoslavia republic states.

Accelerated wound healing, ligaments, tendons and muscles up to  50%

One muscle tear that normally asks for six to eight weeks of recovery, we are able with this application of stem cells or plasma to completing the same process in three to four weeks.

The process of wound healing, ligaments, tendons and muscles, especially in athletes is  accelerated at least by 50% with this method.

The treatment of sports injuries and a rapid return to the field

To sportsmen  this kind of medical treatment  means not only the possibility of returning to the field, but also faster, more complete and better recovery.  They much faster return to the sport and return to the same level as before injury is much more important. For example,  a knee injury that dates back 20 in time, usually meant the end of a career for any players. Today all sportsmen return  to the field after six months and play. This is a big difference in the surgical principle and  recovery. This is a new part of orthopedics-bioregenerative  medicine which we successfully perform  in the Atlas General Hospital.

Orthopedic operations performed in the Atlas General Hospital

We also perform a full range of orthopedic surgery of implants- endo hip prosthesis, knee, shoulder or elbow or hock surgery implants, up  to endoscopic surgery in the form of plastic ligaments, the repair of the meniscus, the repair injuries of all major joints as well as the whole range of trauma, including the spine, trauma, long bones, short flat bone trauma. All surgical procedures are performed at a very high level.

In various problems, injuries, or degenerative changes and the age apply to different systems and surgical methods of treatment. The elderly population (golden old age) usually does not require this kind of  operational techniques for sportsmen or younger people who live very active lives, or are engaged in some form  of sports. For them is reserved a part of orthopedics that we do. We perform  completely different system and access to  sportsmen treatment  because you need to return them to the field as soon as possible. But when you’re retired, you do not rush to the job, and then you first go to the  physical therapy and surgery comes in second place.



Patients from the region with reference from their doctor can come to a medical treatment in a hospital Atlas on behalf of Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska.

The patients from our region, the Republic of Srpska (and hopefully from the Republic of  Montenegro) with a medical referral are at the expense of the National Health Fund enables the treatment in the Atlas General Hospital.