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Colon diseases treatments and contemporary colorectal surgery

Kolorektalna hirurgija

Colorectal surgery

Diagnostic and treatment of diseases of small intestine, colon, rectum and anus with colorectal surgery nowadays are one of the most common surgical interventions in general.

Colorectal surgery means examination of the colon and surgical treatment of the hemorrhoids, cancer and other diseases. Incisions, excisions, polyps, adenomas  and warts can be removed surgically. 

Also, biopsies are performed (collecting specimen for histopathology) and the results arrive in several days.

Types of colon and rectal surgery

Colorectal surgery is applied in chronic inflammatory diseases of colon like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and degenerative diseases as well as rectal prolapse.

Treatment of colon cancer

In Serbia each year is discovered around 4000 new cases of colon cancer, which is second most common cancer, after the lung cancer. It is generally considered that improper diet is culprit for colon cancer together with stressful life and genetic predisposition. First there are lesions on the mucosa of the colon, then different types of colitis. Due to blood stagnation in the wall of the colon there can be some varicose changes and hemorrhoids so that after longer time of exposure to the toxins usually polyps or carcinoma occur.

Laparoscopic operations of the colon 

Among the operations of the colon most often are performed procedures of colon removal due to carcinoma, hemorrhoid and polyps. Operator removes the part of the colon that is affected by the cancer, and the rest of the colon is reattached after that. Beside that, usually nearest lymph nodes are removed that spread cancer cells throughout the bloodstream.

Type of the operation and follow up treatment (radio therapy and chemotherapy) depends of the position of the carcinoma, its stadium and general condition of the body. Whenever is possible, minimally invasive method is applied (laparoscopic), which is more comfortable for the patient.  Through small incisions of several millimeters laparoscope and other surgical instruments with camera are inserted and after that only minimally scar remain on the skin.

Patient’s recovery is much shorter, and risk factors are minimal.
Removed carcinoma further is examined by the pathologist that determines the grades of the cells from the sample, or stage of disease development. In case of rectal cancer, sometimes colostomy is performed (removal of the entire colon), because it is more difficult to leave parts of health colon that can be attached. Rectal and anus are removed as well surrounding fat tissue with lymph nodes so that return of disease is less probable.

Recovery after surgery

Depending on disease itself and its location, recovery in hospital condition lasts from two hours up to ten days. After the operation it is necessary that patient should start to move as soon as possible in order to avoid complications in blood clotting. Patients have at their disposal an expert team for physical therapy and rehabilitation that would help them with movement and provides the necessary education.

After leaving the hospital it is necessary to respect all advices that are related to hygiene and diet.

Medicines that are going  be given to the patient are antifibrinolytic and analgesic and often it is necessary to wear elastic socks.


Hospital for XXI century

Colon cancer operations are demanding regarding surgical expertise and equipment of surgical theater.  They require great precision and dedication, and often last four or five hours. Atlas General Hospital is modern equipped medical institution that have diagnostic and surgical options for patients that are on the highest level. Team of eminent surgeons that are colorectal experts are: dr Mladen Milošević, ass dr Slavenko Ostojić

The way that patient go through from the first contact with the call center to the operation is short because there are no waiting lists, and doctor check ups, analysis and all necessary diagnostic is performed in several days.

This system, where the patient is central figure is extremely helpful with numerous number of patients.

For all the question that are related to colorectal surgery you can make a phone call and schedule a checkup:  +381 11 785 88 88.

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