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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment of a Hospital in China

Priručnik o prevneciji i lečenju COVID 19

Europe has outgrown Asia in number of deaths from the Covid-19 virus, signaling that a pandemic is out of control in our continent, while China has managed to contain the virus. We wondered what contribution we could offer, of course, to our medical staff, hospital, equipment and knowledge in these really difficult times. We decided to educate!

Dr. Nemanja Zaric – general surgeon at Atlas Hospital, contacted a hospital in China that has had outstanding results in the fight against COVID-19. They did not have any patients who died during treatment with COVID-19 virus. Afterwards, we asked them to share their experiences and the measures they had taken, and as a result of that cooperation, a manual is available in Serbian.


Manual for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection in a hospital in China that had a 0% mortality rate.

Respected colleague,

It is our honor and pleasure to present to you the Serbian edition of the „Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment“. This manual has been compiled by colleagues and experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zheijang University School of Medicine, PR China, based on its difficult struggle with the new COVID-19 virus. The fascinating results they have achieved in preventing and treating the diseased make this handbook a very valuable material since we are like the rest of the world, encountering this virus for the first time, so experience is one of the most important resources we need.

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The manual was published on the Alibaba Cloud Platform, and the Serbian edition was created as a result of the collaboration of Atlas General Hospital doctors from Belgrade and a „Charity organization  June 28th“, with permission from the author from China. You can find the original version HERE.

We wish to bring the experiences of Chinese physicians to our colleagues across Serbia, as well as around the world, and to share knowledge in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection at a time when the number of new infections is increasing in Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska and increasingly stringent measures are being implemented in an attempt to slow the further spread of the infection.

We thank our colleagues and translators who made it possible for the Serbian edition of this Handbook to be published in record time.

We hope that the recommendations and advice of your colleagues in China will be very helpful in your daily work.


Dr. Nemanja Zaric, Atlas General Hospital

Philip Philippi, President, 28 June.