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Low cost hernia repair surgery

operacija kile promotivna cena 2021

General surgery experts of Atlas General Hospital Doc. dr. Knezevic Djordje and Dr.Nemanja Zaric with the expert team  will perform hernia surgery at promotional prices in the coming period. If you have a hernia, now is the perfect time to solve this problem at the best price.


What are the health issues of a hernia patient?

  • a bulge under the skin in the groin area or swelling in the scrotum area
  • feeling of dull pain in the groin area that intensifies when stressed
  • a bulge under the skin that increases over time and becomes more difficult to return to the abdominal cavity
  • occasional constipation problems if the contents of the hernia are part of the intestine

The hernia on the abdominal wall or groin is shown as a knot or bulge that can be pushed back into the abdominal cavity and can disappear in the supine position.


operacija kile laparoskopski


Operation of inguinal hernia


Hernia treatment is exclusively surgical. The surgeries performed at Atlas General Hospital for a lasting solution belong to classic surgery types. It should be emphasized that most patients get implant (implant) -a synthetic “mesh” material that creates a barrier in a weak spot in the abdominal wall. Such a surgical procedure is commonly referred to as a non-tension technique. These are prosthetic materials that help us to ensure that the patient is practically pain-free or of very low intensity postoperatively, and that the hernia does not return after surgery, or that the percentage of relapse is practically negligible.

The patient remains in hospital one day after surgery. Preoperative preparation is also included in the price.


Tipovi kile

Types of hernia


Hiatal hernia

This type of inner hernia is created when the stomach partially passes through pathological opening on the diaphragm into the thoracic cavity. (membrane that separates thoracic and abdominal cavity).


Umbilical hernia

It is created during protruding of fat tissue or part of the intestine through pathological opening in the area of the navel and can be seen with the naked eye as a bulge beneath the skin.

Inguinal hernia

In men, inguinal canal is a place of the passing of narrow tube that carries sperm as well as blood vessels that nourish the testis.

In women inguinal canal are consisted of round ligament that gives support to the uterus.

In inguinal hernias, fat tissue or part of the intestines goes through inguinal canal, or weakness on front abdominal wall and can be seen with the naked eye as a bulge beneath the skin in the lower part of the groin. This is the most frequent type of the hernia and is found more common in men than women.


Femoral hernia

This type of hernia occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in the muscle wall of the groin in femoral region that is located on the top the inner thigh and it belongs to inguinal region. Femoral hernias are more rare than the inguinal one and most often are found  in elderly females.

Why opt for Atlas General Hospital?

  • Reputable private hospital
  • Available 24h
  • Experts with decades of experience
  • Hospital focused on surgical services
  • Operating theaters according to world standards
  • 5 full-time anesthetists
  • more than 150 employees
  • Best prices





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