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Medtronic and Atlas have signed a cooperation agreement contract

Signed agreement of collaboration with Atlas General Hospital and Medtronic

Dear friends, yesterday it was very important day for us – 7th February 2017. Atlas General Hospital officially signed an agreement about mutual cooperation with Atlas General Hospital, and with this agreement we are the first medical institution from Serbia that officially signed similar agreement.

The negotiations that our teams conducted in the previous period determined all the details and conditions of cooperation in order to provide our patients with the best possible care and treatment and to provide our doctors, medical personnel and management with all the necessary conditions in order to better perform their daily tasks.

Healing and care of patients that requires modern equipment, great knowledge, constant education and first of all motivation, so the existing limits are constantly lifted. These are all our common and primary aims so that the collaboration turned out spontaneously.

Medtronic  is american company that has been on the market leader in innovative medical technology for more than 65 years and has been officially operating in Serbia since 2012. Aware of the need to be established a balance of high quality and care costs, Medtronic has created “Integrated Health Solutions”.

Today it is first time in our country that one institution uses it. When we speak about greatness and importance of Medtronic company, it is enough to say that every 4 seconds somewhere in the world someone uses product of Medtronic company so that a life can be saved or someone’s life improved.

Everything begins through cooperation with doctors around the world, so that needs of patients are recognized. Thus it is created new medical technology that makes easier the life of people. Ideas of specialists turns into products that again are returned to specialists for clinical examinations. Testings result with final product that is placed through infrastructure of Medtronic in whole world- in different countries and different medicine specialties.

We are proud of the efforts we make to do our job solely and exclusively as professionals at Atlas General Hospital.



Potpisivanje ugovora o saradnji Medtronica i Atlas opšte bolnice
Signing an agreement of collaboration between Medtronic and Atlas General Hospital

The signing of agreement between Medtronic and Atlas General Hospital was attended by:

Jörg Heikenfeld 
Vice President Eastern Europe/Director Medtronic Serbia LTD

Louis Maessen
Service Activation Manager BCEGI | HIS

Peter Bristot
Business Development Eastern Europe, Alpine, Greece & Israel

Nanković Vjeran 
Regional Manager Adriatic East

Dr Igor Georgijev
Director / Atlas general hospital

Tamara Peško
Hospital manager

Vladimir Puhača 
Chief medical technician

“With Medtronic we will save time, instead of taking care of papers or think of products or equipment. I will be able to spend my time with patients or in operation theater.”  

The most important thing to us  are our patients and we endeavour to do everything possible so that we are able to follow the latest world trends. Medtronic will help so that our patinets get the best sord of health care for the money they separate. “, says dr Igor Georgijev


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