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The only option for healing hernia is surgically

Operacija kile

Hernia is a disorder that can not be treated in home conditions using medicines or natural remedies! Hernias can be treated exclusively surgically. They can appear in every age, but are most often in the third age. The lining of the abdominal cavity protrudes through the area of weakness due to aging, causing a “bulge” or balloon-like sac. Even a third percent of men get a hernia during their lifetime, while in women it is significantly reduced. The prevalence of this disease is inherited and very visible throughout generations.

What is hernia?

Hernia occurs when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place through opening in abdominal wall. Weakness in abdominal wall can be inborn or acquired (due to physical exertion or as a result of operation).

Through hernia’s opening the most often it can be seen part of abdominal apron, small intestine and colon or stomach. Hernia can be diagnosed as smaller budge on the abdomen. It can observed in part of the groin, navel or on place of previous operation on the stomach. The hernia can be different by origin and position. It can reoccur after the operation is done.


Patients most often come because of pain in region of hernia and noticeable swelling under skin. Swelling becomes more noticeable and more painful during exertion, while calming can be seen during resting. When in hernia sac there is stuck organ, symptoms are most similar to dysfunction of the organ that is in the sac. Troubles that are most often seen when hernia is present do not endanger life of the patient and seldom is necessary emergency intervention.

It is possible that hernia can be inner or cannot be seen from an outside. It is more often more difficult to diagnose  and are accompanied by pain, need to change constantly position of the body, nausea, vomiting and obstipation. If organ that is obstructed has food passed through it, if it is not treated, patient can be in danger.  Symptoms do not have to be related with size of the hernia. In some patients hernia can be very large, but do not show any symptoms.

Hernia operation (repair)

The surgical intervention is simple and common one.  It can be done classically and  laparoscopically in local and general anesthesia depending on size and place. It is desirable that hernia operation should be done as soon as the diagnose is made, or in other words it should not be waited long for its repair. With time hernia can become larger, more painful and more prone to complications in terms of adhesion that reduce probability that organ is placed on it’s natural spot.

Operacija kile u Atlas bolnici

After returning organ to its place in abdominal cavity, surgeon will reconstruct the defect on abdominal wall with  mesh that is made of biomaterial. Connective tissue should go through the mesh and thus its new appearance is prevented. These materials are very suitable because in his way intervention and recovery are more comfortable for the patient. Hernia repair is suitable even for older patients because minimally invasive methods are used and anesthesia is harmless.

Don’t wait for complications

Many patient, especially those elderly are getting used to the troubles that hernia brings and are avoiding the operation. Thus quality of their life become worse, and with time preconditions are made for numerous complications.  With planning of the hernia repair operation risk are much lower. Good and detailed communication between patient and surgeon enables that surgeon should be acquainted on time with other illnesses that can create complications.

Team of specialists of general surgery of  Atlas General Hospital advises you to ensure a safe removal of hernia timely.

In the Atlas General Hospital, a hernia operation is carried out with the most modern methods. The hospital has four operating rooms and excellent accommodation capacities. An expert team of doctors is available for any additional questions.


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