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Physical therapy for muscle injury

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Muscle and tendon injuries mainly result from a fall, bad landing or acute injuring. They are caused by too strong contractions, not enough warmed up muscles, or caused by impact, and most often they are sport injuries.

What is physical therapy?

It is medical discipline that studies and applies biological activity of different kinds of physical energy on the body so that different issues related to movement and difficulties of every day life. 

Physical therapy has multidisciplinary approach of the treatment for pathological states.

With physical therapy we treat different muscle injuries, joints, ligaments, neurology of rheumatologic disorders, as well as post traumatologic states.

Most often is used electrical therapy with galvan and interferent electrical therapy. TENS and electro stimulation, ultrasound therapy with high frequency micro massage, magneto therapy for swelling reduction and inflammation and laser therapy for pain reduction and stimulation of regeneration.

During physical check up doctor determines which type of therapy is necessary for the treatment.

Muscle rupture

Rupture (break) of the muscle can be partial or complete. Most often it is happening when person suddenly changes direction during running or during sudden movements and does not warm the muscles up before the physical activity.

Causes can be tiredness, reduced flexibility, too exhausted training and untreated previous injury.  Patient most often  feels sudden stabbing pain or weakness in the muscle.

On the spot of the injury there is depression, hardened tissue, swelling and muscle can not be contracted. Patient has impression that the leg or arm is paralyzed, and if leg is injured, patient falls down suddenly.

Spot of the injury is diagnosed with ultra sound in order to evaluate size of the rupture and follow up of the recovery. In certain number of cases treatment must be operative, and after that physical therapy is implied.

Physical therapy is determined individually for each patient according to health problems. It can include methods mentioned above, but also system of exercises that patient practices under surveillance of the therapist or by himself in home condition.

Achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon is placed on posterior side of under knee and connects the muscles of the legs and the heel bone. This tendon is the strongest and thickest in whole body. Its injury means inability of movement until recovery because enables movement of the feet.  Problems with Achilles tendon occur most often because of inadequate warming up before physical activity on hard surface like concrete or parquet.

Raptura ahilove tetive

In order to avoid rupture of Achilles tendon it is necessary to pay attention on pain that occurs in the calf muscle before the rupture. When an injury occurs it is not advised to the patient to have sport massage because it can significantly worsen symptoms.

Injury, if it is partial rupture, is usually treated with simply inaction, immobilization from four to eight weeks, and then with individually tailored physical activity.  When there is total Achilles tendon rupture often operations are performed (connection of two broken part of the tendon) and putting a leg in plaster. After that physical therapy is performed and restraining from intensive physical activity is advised for about six months.


Muscle strain

Muscle strains are breakages of several muscle tissues or muscle coats, and sometimes even blood vessel and are practically mild strain. On the spot of the injury usually there is pain, swelling, and sometimes there is minor bruising. Muscle strain is one of the most usual injury of locomotor system.

It is necessary to treat properly the injury in order to avoid complications and then long lasting treatment should be needed. After injury it is advised cooling and resting.

Sometimes it is necessary to put compression bandage in order to reduce the swelling. Depending on muscles and injury doctor will apply electro therapy, ultrasound therapy and/or magnetic therapy.

Atlas General Hospital apply modern techniques in physical therapy and for several years it is a place of rehabilitation for large number of athletes. Excellent equipment of the hospital, pleasant surrounding and treatment without waiting lists impact the recovery of the patient. It is quicker and very pleasant.

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