Presentation of implants and instruments for spinal surgery • Atlas General Hospital

Presentation of implants and instruments for spinal surgery

Nova Spine - Atlas medical

Under the auspices of the Atlas General Hospital, Atlas Medical and Nova Spine was organized presentation of implants and instruments for spinal surgery.

Meeting was held on Saturday 9 th March in the Allure Caramel hotel in Belgrade.

Modern spine surgery is not possible without professional surgical team as well as cutting edge implants and instruments that are necessary to perform such operation. Atlas General Hospital as a leader in surgery has special leadership in spinal surgery. Following the world trends it is necessary to constantly improve the equipment and education of the medical staff.  This is the reason why we are trying to bring most famous world companies that produce surgical instruments as well as other surgical equipment that are used in operating theater, explains dr Igor Georgijev, director of Atlas General Hospital.

Nova Spine - instrumenti

At the beginning of the programme, director of the Nova Spine company for Eastern and Middle Europe  Grzegorz Dworszczak will present his company together with representative for Adriatic region Primožom Temnikom : Socore, Matris, Diva and Almas.

NovaSpine is a French company specialized for development and selling of spine implants and instruments.

Our expertise is in more than twenty five years of experience in spinal surgery and cutting edge equipment which enable us development of high quality products, it ensure maximum safety for patient and for surgeon, enabling excellent long term results. NovaSpine offers wide range of spinal implants and instruments for treatment of pathological diseases of the spine, expressed Mr. Grzegorz Dworszczak.

NOVA-SPINE i Atlas medical