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Professor Dmitry Popkov-orthopedic surgeon

Dr Dmitry Popkov -atlas opsta bolnica

Dear doctor Dmitry Popkov, can you introduce yourself, please?

profesor dr Dmitry Popkov - Atlas bolnica

I am Popkov Dmitry, doctor of medical sciences from Ilizarov Center from Russia, the world famous orthopedic center. My arrival to Serbia started through cooperation of Ilizarov Center that is closely connected with Serbia in terms with the agreement we had regarding the treatment of children and adults with orthopedic issues. Our agreement is with the University Children’s Hospital Tiršova, but also we have strong connections with Atlas hospital where we perform examinations and operations of children and adults with orthopedic pathology.

What do you do exactly in Atlas General Hospital?

What we do in Atlas hospital is treatment of congenital anomalies with different pathologies that are related with neurological diseases that are all synthesized in neuro orthopedic, as well as diseases like arthrogryposis, effects of trauma, incomplete bone regeneration, false joints…That all is the field of our compentence.

Peof dr Popkov sa pacijentom
Prof dr Popkov with patient Aca after the operation  

This time my coming to Atlas Hospital included examinations and operations in children with innate fibular aplasia, arthrogryposis, trauma effects, with congenital lower extremities shortening.

Beside that, it has been applied treatment of the Ilizarov method in patients with arthrogryposis, and malformation of upper extremity deformity by “guided growth” method.

The next achievement of orthopedic surgery that brought professor Popkov is a single-event (one day) multi level orthopedic surgery in patients with cerebral paralysis.  It enables momentarily removal of contracture, bone deformation and deformation of the feet on every level of the both lower extremities.


dr Popkov sa pacijentom-Atlas
Prof dr Popkov with Elma during control examination  

You have performed an operation that is done only on two places in the world

Yes, in Atlas Hospital it has performed an operation, very seldom performed operation for feet reconstruction and reconstruction of tibia in child with difficult fibular aplasia.

It is difficult congenital anomaly, and we used a method that is performed only on two other institutions in the world:

in the Ilizarov Center and in hospital West Palm Beach, USA.

This is method for correction of anomaly in child that is 1 year old is used with success. As a result we could expect:

  • good and correct development of the ankle joint
  • good and correct growth of the operated extremity
  • also preservation of child’s function of lower extremity
Prof dr Dmitry Popkov sa malim pacijentom -Atlas bolnica
Prof dr Popkov with small Strahinja after the operation  

Where do you work and how did start your cooperation with Serbia and Atlas Hospital?

One more time I would like to mention that the Ilizarov center is the famous Russian orthopedic center. It is placed in Kurgan and there I am the chief surgeon where I examine the patients and perform operations. I am professor of Russian Medical Academy, corresponding member of The National Academy of Medicine and I am one of doctors with the highest ranking of science publication from orthopedy.

Center has contract with cooperation with Serbia and in this respect there is cooperation with Atlas Hospital where we could perform examinations and operations where I am able to perform the operations all in legal conditions and based on agreement that the hospital has with Serbia and neighboring countries.

Short interview with prof dr Dmitry Popkov you can watch on the following link:




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