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The ALO daily newspaper and the ATLAS hospital donate health

Alo i Atlas akcija

The collaboration between Atlas General Hospital and the daily newspaper Alo resulted in a great campaign that we prepared for our dear residents.

The promotion of distributing free specialist examinations and surgical procedures in the field of surgery and aesthetics to the readers of “Alo!” from the General Hospital “Atlas” begins on December 31, 2019.

Alo and Atlas free surgery


All readers of “Alo” daily newspapers can take part in the promotion, and the decision on who received the service is made by the council of doctors of the General Hospital “Atlas” on the basis of the submitted medical documentation. Among the free examinations and surgical interventions that will be donated are: knee arthroscopy, spinal surgery – microdisectomy, ear lobe reconstruction, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, gallbladder surgery, hemorrhoid surgery, hip surgery, breast surgery, nose surgery, abdominoplasty and  other interventions.

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How to apply for free operations:

Coupons will be published in “Alo!” daily newspapers from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays a joker (who changes any coupon). Readers should cut out coupons, fill in the coupon and send it together with the medical documentation to the “Alo!” editorial office. The medical documentation is not returned to the participants, it is kept in the archives of the Atlas Hospital until the end of the competition Alo and Atlas donate health (until January 2021), after which it will be destroyed.

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The coupon will accurately indicate the number of coupons and the name of the examination or intervention that is assigned that week. Readers are obliged to send their name and surname, address, contact phone number and ID card number, as well as the consent to share the experience with the readers “Alo!” after the examination or intervention. Only patients whose diagnosis is compatible with the service assigned that week will be considered. The daily newspaper “Alo” will not return the sent medical documentation to the senders, so our advice is to copy the medical documentation that you send, and to keep the forwarded copies and originals with you.

Alo and Atlas donate health

Atlas General Hospital is the first Serbian private hospital focused on surgical services provided by top experts. The hospital staff consists of leaders in the field of their specialization who follow the latest trends and attend continuous training and professional development. The hospital was founded in 2006, and from the hospital for plastic surgery, it expanded into the General Hospital “Atlas” by expanding its activities. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is located in two modern and luxurious facilities of 1,200 m2 + 400 m2 in the center of Belgrade.


Knee arthroscopy:

Spine surgery:

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy:

Gallbladder surgery:

Hemorrhoid surgery:

Breast reduction surgery:


Nose surgery:

Knee surgery:

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