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Inguinal hernia repair with dr Milovanović

operacija kile

The operation of inguinal hernia (Hernia) comes from the Greek word “hernios”, which means the bulge or protrusion of the tissues that is most often made up of intestines or fats through a natural or acquired opening in the abdominal wall. Atlas General Hospital is successfully performing hernia surgery (hernia repair).

Operacija kile
Inguinal surgery


There are places on the abdominal wall that are predisposed to developing hernias due to the innate weaknesses of the soft tissue structures. They are usually found in the groin, around the navel or at the site of previous surgery.

There are several types of hernia: inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical, epigastric and ventral hernia.



At Atlas General Hospital that morning, the first on the program was a hernia surgery. The patient was previously examined by Dr. Aleksandar Milovanovic and it was suggested surgery for bilateral hernia.

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “Good morning, today we are doing hernia repair on both sides. It is interesting to note that this is a female patient whose problems are far less common than in men. One of the most common surgeries in general in surgery and especially in abdominal and general surgery is hernia repair”.

dr Aleksandar Milovanovic - Atlas hospital

As the inguinal hernia is formed, can we influence to prevent the appearance of the hernia

dr Aleksandar Milovanović:  “ There are several factors that influence the appearance of various hernias, but when we talk about inguinal hernias, we cannot prevent it. There are innate factors, there are acquired factors, muscle weakness, especially as life goes on and as we are getting older, of course, the percentage of hernias is getting bigger and bigger. In principle, we can roughly say that there are innate and acquired characteristics why inguinal hernias appear “.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia

It is important for us to know the symptoms and to learn to recognize in time that we have inguinal hernia.

dr Aleksandar Milovanović:“ Most people notice in the groin that there is something that has not been there before. Some kind of bulge, or enlargement appeared. This enlargement is elastic by its nature, which is felt after some physical work or after some physical activity. Sometimes, while the hernia cannot yet be noticed, symptoms appear: nausea and vague abdominal pain. This is exactly the moment when a hernia sac begins to move through the muscles of the abdominal wall, to say simply, to pull and push in front of it. The hernia is very well innervated and causes general digestive problems, that feeling of discomfort and diffuse abdominal pain, even nausea “.

Checkup if we suspect inguinal hernia. When to see a doctor

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “ The sooner the better. It is like a broken tooth, the smaller the defect is easier to work with and the result of repair lasts longer. ”

You have a patient today who has bilateral inguinal hernia

dr Aleksandar Milovanović:” That’s right, both inguinal canals are opened and there are hernias on both sides “.

How will you repair it?

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “ I will perform one of the operations that is common to resolve this defect. Whether it will be the first, the second or the third technique, I will see during the repair itself. It depends on what the patient’s tissues are. If I can reconstruct the defect with the tissues, we will do one of those plastic reconstructions with patient’s tissues, and if not then we will use the meshes. ”

H e r n i a   s u r g e r y

Hernia surgery is a routine procedure. The results depend on the expertise of the surgeon and the quality of your tissue.

dr Aleksandar Milovanović  “ Each operation is a specific story. Giving only injections can always be critical, let alone surgery, but generally speaking, this is one of the routine procedure. Hernias are the most routine, common and easiest to work operations. One of the first procedure that a young doctor begins with “.

dr aleksandar milovanovic surgeon

Inguinal hernia repair – recovery

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “It is individual and discussable.  First of all, after inguinal hernia surgery is done, the patient goes home the same day. These are the so-called one day surgery procedures where patient goes home the same day. For several days patient has to lower physical activities, on the tenth day sutures are removed. Then patient is ready for ordinary life activities and even before removing sutures. Slight physical activity can start in a month, and high strains of the abdominal wall only after two or three months. ”

Can a hernia come back after repair?

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “ Of course. There is no guarantee. Whoever once has a defect on the muscle wall, so to speak, the abdominal wall among the muscles, he can always get a hernia. Now it depends on many factors. How well the surgery is performed itself. If it is done badly, we will get an immediate relapse, a hernia again. If done well, and the patient has good genetics so to say- relatively good with the hernia, things will go in more positive direction. This patient today got hernia without any strain. She knows she has that from her childhood “.

We cannot influence on congenital defects that make us sensitive to the appearance of the hernia, but we can reduce the strain on the muscles and tissue of the abdominal wall. We do this by maintaining our ideal weight, lifting it carefully, or even avoiding lifting weights, stopping smoking, and consuming fiber-rich foods. This disease is eight times more common in men than in women and there is an explanation for this.

dr Aleksandar Milovanović: “Through the inguinal canal is what we call the testicular cord, blood vessels, lymph vessels, sperm, nerves, testicular envelope, etc. And in that place where it goes through the abdominal wall, of course, there must be an opening, which is a weak spot, where a little peritoneum can “leak“. In women it is a small, thin, uterine ligament, which makes a much smaller defect through the muscles and hernias in women appear less often.”

An inguinal hernia or groin hernia is not necessarily dangerous but does not go away on its own and can lead to life-threatening effects over time. Therefore, if a hernia is painful or enlarged, your doctor will most likely advise you to have surgery.


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