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Orthokine method – way of treating joint pain

orthokin terapija

Orthokine method is a therapy that uniquely treats joint pain, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries without the addition of drugs and other foreign substances. This method is completely biological and is performed in the Orthokine therapy center of Atlas General Hospital. Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović has a license to use Orhokine therapy.

There is a new offer of Atlas Hospital in form of ORT-ART packages.

At Atlas Hospital, we have formed ORT-ART packages that are a combination of arthroscopy and Ortokine therapy. In one act, the surgeon performs a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure on the problematic joint and also applies an autonomous conditioned serum that is commercially called Othokine.

ORT-ART KNEE at a price of 364.000 rsd

ORT-ART RAME at a price of 387.000 rsd

ORT-ART ELBOW at a price of 364.000 rsd

ORT-ART ANKLE at a price of 364.000 rsd

ORT SPINE: three treatments of Ortokin for seven days at a price of 190.000 rsd.

Orthokin therapy can be applied in ambulatory care without arthroscopy. In that case, the patient comes for 3 applications of Orthokine in a certain time interval. The knee issues require 5 therapies 7 days apart.

Ass Dr. Vladan Stevanović: “One of the important biological methods we use is the so-called autonomous conditioned serum, which are commercially called Orthokine. It is a product of the patient’s blood that is prepared in a very special way. “The components that contain blockers of the inflammatory reaction stand out and enable any further biological activity to be carried out normally.”

What is the difference between the Ortokine method and the method that uses blood plasma?

Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović: “In this case, blood is also extracted, but it is specifically prepared, which means that it is incubated at 37 degrees between 6 and 9 hours, which would awaken the blood to create anti-inflammatory substances.” Then it is incubated, then centrifuged in special devices and after that the serum part, which we extract, can be used as biological therapy. ”

orthokine therapy - Atlas general hospital

This procedure is used for almost 20 years, but only a few doctors in Serbia have a license to perform the Ortokine therapy. The trainings are held in Dusseldorf. Dr. Stevanović is also an educator who trains other doctors and gives them licenses.

Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović: “ This is a procedure that is supported by science papers, one of them is the evidence-based practice. For that reason, we have accepted to use it in our hospital, on our patients, as an addition to the surgical technique we perform. ”

The patient has initial degenerative damage to the knee joint. The damage occurred as a result of previous sports and other work activities.

Orthokine therapy

Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović: “These are damage to the meniscus and cartilage, with associated cystic changes in the area of ​​soft and bone tissues as well as the surrounding bursal structures. It causes extremely great pain, swelling, limited mobility and limited quality of life – both in everyday life and at work. ”

Doc. Dr. Stevanović described what and in what order he works in the operating theatre.

Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović: ” The idea of ​​this operation is to first remove all mechanical damage. Of course, we remove them arthroscopically – with a minimally invasive method. This implies an extensive, so to say  “a toilet” of the joint, that is, cleaning of damaged parts of the meniscus, cartilage and bone structures. What is very special about this surgery is the addition of a biological preparation called Orthokine. Orthokine is made from the patient’s blood, using a special technique. Orthokine contains a large number of anti-inflammatory factors, blockers, receptors, interleukin 1. It allows us to solve inflammatory structures that, despite our surgery, can continue to be the cause of pain and its inability.”

Atlas General Hospital has a license to conduct Orthokine therapy, as well as licensed doctors who apply this procedure. Patients are of different age groups.

Orthokine method

Doc. Dr. Vladan Stevanović: ” One group consists of younger patients who, after surgery, can be helped in the mild initial stages of with certain degenerative damage like cartilage or meniscus. The second category are elderly patients when we do not plan surgery for various reasons. In case they do not want to, they are afraid, they have a large number of comorbidities so the operations cannot be performed or they are simply not ready for the surgical procedure now, we give them Orthokine therapy in all joints as well as shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, hip to delay surgery, ie significantly improved their quality of life. ”

Ortokine was applied at the end of the surgery. Another knee operation is planned in a month. After several months of rehabilitation, the magnetic resonance imaging will show the objective results of the intervention. It is very important what the patient’s subjective feeling will be.

You can see the whole article HERE.

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