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Promotions for chiropractic, traction or physical therapy


Atlas Fizikal has prepared a special promotional campaign “2 of your choice for 3,000 dinars” for the therapies you choose. If you need physical therapy, chiropractic or traction (spinal decompression), you can now choose any two therapies at a price of 3,000 dinars.

For more information and to make an appointment, please call our call center on 0117858888 or 0628047468


“The Atlas Fizikal” team offers you top professional services, licensed certified physiotherapists, Ackermann chiropractors and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists. The treatment of each patient is individual and with full attention and focus on the fastest possible recovery. Numerous satisfied patients talk about the success in the treatment of various diseases with the techniques that are performed in Atlas Fizikal. We have extensive experience in the treatment of all sports injuries as well as postoperative rehabilitation. The clinic has the most modern equipment for physical therapy.

Physical therapy is performed in Belgrade at the Atlas Fizikal Clinic for Physical Therapy at Osmana Đikića 6 Street.


A trained ackermann chiropractor, Kosta Miladinović, performs specific manual adjustment of the spine and all other joints, which can help eliminate pain, stiffness and tension in the joints and muscles, by bringing the segments into a physiological position.


See the presentation of chiropractic treatment with the click HERE.


Traction can achieve widening of the articular space between apophyseal joints, reduction of disc protrusion, stretching of soft tissues, relaxation of the paravertebral muscles, mobilization of the joints.

The application technique is performed in a supine position, the patient is fully trained, whether the patient is lying on his stomach or on his back. The position of the spine during traction will depend on the pathology. During this physical treatment, the spine is stretched in order to remove the pressure from certain parts of the discs. This straightens the spine and improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

The traction lasts up to 15 minutes, and the patient feels comfortable all the time.Spine traction




Electrotherapy is a type of physical therapy whose heat affects relaxes the muscles and improves circulation, improves muscle mass and the general condition of the treated region.


– Electrophoresis


Sonotherapy is a high-frequency deep micromassage of tissues that uses electrical energy that is converted into mechanical and further sound energy and its absorption produces heat in the treated tissues.

Ultrasound therapy

It has a mechanical effect in the form of micromassage and thermal effect. Ultrasound also reduces pain and muscle spasm, causes reabsorption of swelling, accelerates the resolution of the inflammatory process and accelerates the healing of ulcers and wounds.


Magnetotherapy is the application of a constant and variable low frequency magnetic field for the purpose of treatment. Indications for the use of MT are: post-traumatic conditions, rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis, algodystrophy syndrome, peripheral vascular diseases, skin diseases, neuritis and radiculopathy, etc. Magnetotherapy uses a magnetic field to reduce swelling and inflammation, reduce pain and successfully heal wounds.

Laser therapy

Laser is most often used in postoperative conditions, reduction of pain and swelling, accelerates regenerative processes.

Bioptron lamp



The price of chiropractic and physical therapy – 3,000 dinars

The price of chiropractic and traction (spinal decompression) – 3,000 dinars

The price of physical therapy and traction (spinal decompression) – 3,000 dinars


Chiropractic Belgrade – Physical therapy Belgrade – Atlas Fizikal


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