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Liver surgery Center

Atlas General Hospital continues with good professional tradition of development of surgical centers. After the Center for spinal surgery and Orthopedic center, it is our pleasure to present you our Liver Surgery Center.


Our experts, all with long experience in surgical procedures of liver diseases with great success perform very complicated operations for benign and malignant liver diseases.

In our hospital the following operations are performed:

  • Primary malignant liver and gallbladder tumors-hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinoma. Klatskin tumor
  • Secondary deposits, or methastasis in the liver in colon cancer
  • Benign liver as echinococcus cyst, large liver hemangioma etc.

Beside that, in Atlas General Hospital is performed TACE – transarterial chemoembolization of the liver in those patients where surgical treatment is not an option.


Our hospital had cutting edge equipment like Evident™ MW Ablation System microwave system that is especially suitable for resections of malignant liver cancers.

Our team of the Liver Surgery Center:



Prof. dr Srbislav Knežević –famous Serbian general surgeon, internationally recognized expert in HPB surgery (hepato pancreato biliary surgeon). Prof.Knežević has been performing surgery of malignant and benign liver diseases for more then 30 years.




Prof. dr Aleksandar Karamarković – distinguish hepatobiliary pancreatic surgeon, ex director of the Urgent Clinic of the Clinical Center of Serbia.  During his professional work, he has been doing mainly liver surgery. He is one of the main authors of the book “Liver resection surgery”






Doc. dr Danijel Galun – general surgeon, assistant on Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Center of Serbia.  Beside liver surgery that he has been performing for more then 10 years dr Galun successfully performs TACE- transarterial chemoembolization of the liver in patients that unfortunately are not eligible for liver resection.



Mr sci med dr Predrag Bulajić



Dr Predrag Bulajić – more then 20 years he has been performing liver resections. He is one of the pioneers in radiofrequency ablation in liver resection for malignant and benign liver tumors.







Ass. dr sci med Borislav Tošković – assistant on Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. He has been performing malignant and benign liver surgery as well as pancreatic and biliary surgery.






Doc. dr Đorđe Knežević – distinguished HPB surgeon.  In his career he has been dominantly performing surgery of pancreas tumors, surgery of biliary tract injuries as well as primary and secondary malignant tumors. He finished specializations in Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany and Japan.

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