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Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is a phenomenon seen in a number of people and is called hyperhydrosis.

Causes of excessive sweating can be divided into primary-the cause of which is unknown and secondary-causes are known.


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Excessive sweating


Primary hyperhydrosis usually starts in childhood or adolescence and continuous during the whole life. It usually appears on different parts of the body, most frequently on palms, soles, armpits.

Secondary hyperhydrosis is found in people with increased body temperature,hyperthyroidism, in menopause, in people with increased blood sugar level, obese people, alcoholics, etc.

The treatment

Excessive sweating is treated with botooks injections in palms, armpits and loins.This procedure has a short time effect lasting up to ten months, after which period the procedure should be repeated.

Therapy of excessive palm and sole sweating may include iontophoresis (treatment using low-voltage currents specifically designed baths with water and electrodes). This method is efficient in mild and moderate hyperhydrosis.

Apart from that, VAST Sympatectomy is applied- the operation which requires two or three 5-mm incisions on both sides of the thorax. Through these incisions, a camera  and instruments are placed in order to cut the sympathetic nerve,responsible for excessive sweating.

The first signs of positive changes are felt immediately after the intervention and after a short recovery from general anesthesia patients can leave the hospital and get back to normal life.

Since this is a minimally invasive method ,there are almost no visible scars. There are also no unwanted effects or complications effecting other organs.




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