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Chin correction surgery

Chin surgery can change the shape, size or height of the chin bringing positive changes and giving a new look.
It is very important for the overall aesthetic look of the face.


Chin correction surgery
Chin correction surgery

Aesthetic changes of the chin include mostly chin augmentation or chin reduction.

How is this procedure carried out

Chin correction includes either surgical or non-surgical procedure.

In non-surgical interventions different kinds of biodegradable materials are used as well as transfer of a patient’s own fatty tissue.

Permanent results are achieved by using chin implants in surgical procedures. The operation is usually carried out under local anesthesia and lasts from one to two hours.

If the use of implants or mentoplasty is not necessary,the intervention is carried out with injectable fillers in the surgery and lasts only a couple of minutes without requiring anesthesia. The results are visible immediately.

Chin reduction and correction of asymmetry are performed under general anesthesia. After the operation, the swelling may last for a couple of months and when it subsides the results become fully visible.

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