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Ilizarov method

Ilizarov method

This method is an original invention of the Russian physician Dr. Gennady Abramovich Ilizarov, who first applied it in 1962.

Ilizarov method is applied in the treatment of pathologies of the spine, along with anomalies of limbs where it is most frequently used, as well as the treatment of orthopedic problems in children who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Ilizarov method is based on the biological capacity of growth and regeneration in response to dosed stretch. The method uses a form of fixation of the metal pins which are conducted through the bone fragments. The method proposed by Ilizarov is now used in more than 60 countries worldwide.

By wearing the metal appliance Ilizarov, fastened to the hand or foot, the bone is extended every day by about 0.5 to 1.5 millimeters, and then when the desired length is achieved, there is inactivity of bone regenerates, which usually lasts for two-three months. It is interesting that after such operation it is not necessary that the patient should be inactive, but to walk with aids and to do daily exercises, and after removing the appliance,  the required physical therapy follows.

Except for the treatment of bone deformities, the appliance is used for the treatment of open and closed fractures, pseudarthosis or “false joint”,  joint contractures and osteomyelitis.

This is a method that it is used when there are other options to adequately solve the problem.

Recently the new, improved method has been developed with the appliance that accelerates bone growth by two times. Micro-motors that are installed on the body automatically stretch the bone.

The method is intended for those patients who can not stay permanently in the hospital, but they need the gradual correction of deformities.

The duration of treatment

With Ilizarov apparatus the bone can be lengthen, without the “insertion” of foreign bodies or bone donors, other bones. This appliance should be held for three months and the longest a year, depending on length and defect of the bone.

Duration of the  treatment  depends on the problems (disease) itself. It is mainly a complex treatment that is done in stages. The healing process requests  not only the work of orthopedic surgeon but also the cooperation of prosthetist, physiatrists, psychologists. It is necessary to do a team approach for the final result.

The procedure is not painful, but it’s not the most comfortable for the patient because forces the patient to be inactive.

Setting the appliance

It takes from an hour , up to two hours and a half to set the appliance for bone extension. Metal appliance is composed of more than 20 parts, and there is a complete diversity in it appearance.

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