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Gynecological surgery

Gynecological surgery uses methods and interventions for treating certain gynecological problems.

In cases when it is not possible to get the precise view of the uterus and coccyx by using ultrasound or X ray or by gynecological examination, gynecological interventions are performed.

Surgical interventions in gynecology enable patients to get precise and quick diagnosis.

Ginekološka hirurgija
Gynecological surgery

In the Atlas general hospital, the most advanced surgical interventions in gynecology are performed:

It is also possible to perform vulva, vagina and cervix biopsy.

In Atlas General Hospital experts perform classical and abdominal operations, making a cut on the stomach. But, following latest world trends we are much more orientated on minimally invasive surgery: endoscopic and vaginal. Thus it is guaranteed faster recovery and better aesthetic effect regarding abdominal surgery.

Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are operations after which you will fast come back to your daily activities. Time spent in hospital is much shorter regarding classical operations. Here aesthetic moment is very important because described interventions are performed with two or three very small cuts, up to 1 cm long.

With application of minimally invasive procedures it is possible to perform largest number of operations in gynecology (cystectomy, salpingectomy, adnexectomy, adhesiolysis, myomectomy, hysterectomy, correction of inborn anomalies, operations of endometriosis and other).

Vaginal surgery with urogynecology 

Urinary incontinence is problem for many women over 40. Unfortunately, many women do not go to the specialist because of the shame or lack of information about the possibilities of the treatment. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with simple surgical procedures with high success rate.

Also, in most women in mature age, as a consequence of childbirth in most women we find pelvic organ prolapse and vaginal prolapse (bladder, uterus, colon). Quality of life is significantly impaired. This problem can also be solved surgically, through vagina without cuttings of stomach and thus it can be restored disbalance of pelvic organs but in the same time, aesthetic as well.

Types of vaginal procedures

How is this procedure carried out?

Most surgical interventions in gynecology are laparascopic operations.

Surgical laparascopy is a minimally invasive surgical intervention during which the abdominal cavity and genital organs are examined through small incisions and pathological changes removed and corrected.

In most cases general anaesthesia is used and stay in hospital does not last more than one day.

At the Atlas general hospital,the following examinations for diagnosing and treating diseases of genital female organs can be performed:

Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound is used to diagnose possible changes on the internal genital organs as well as to examine the anatomy of coccyx, uterus and ovaries. Thus, it is possible to diagnose ovarian and uterine tumors. Infertility causes, follicle measurements  and inflammatory processes can also be followed by ultrasound.


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