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Cheek bones correction

Cheek bones correction is an intervention used to improve the most prominent parts of the cheeks.

Cheek bones vary from one person to another; they differ in size, shape and position.

Cheek bones correction
Cheek bones correction

Cheek bones contribute a great deal to overall look of the face, so their correction, when necessary, is very important.

How is this procedure performed

There are several ways in which this procedure can be carried out: either by injecting hyaluronic fillers and collagen stimulation or placing cheekbones implants ( silicone or gore-tex ) and transferring one’s own fatty tissue.

In case the correction of cheek bones is carried out by injecting  hyaluronic fillers or transferring one’s own tissue , very thin needles or canillas are used to avoid scar formation.

If, however, implants are used they are introduced through a tiny incision  on the upper lip mucous, along the upper edge of jaw and the scar is practically invisible.

All these different methods are used to restore youthful looks.

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia and analgosedation depending on the type of the procedure.

The recovery period is short and usually lasts between one and seven days during which time a patient must follow a surgeon’s advice.

Solarium, exposure to sun as well as all sport activities should be avoided for a couple of days; there are certain drugs which should be discontinued too.

The choice of method used can be discussed with a doctor because every face is unique.All the above mentioned methods can be used throughout the year.


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