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Facelift surgery

Face lift surgery is one of the most frequent and most important cosmetic surgery procedures. It rejuvenates the facial structure and restores the naturally vibrant appearance as it addresses the early signs of ageing before they take hold. It lifts and firms sagging facial tissues and restores a more natural youthful facial appearance.

The effect of this operation lasts up to five years


How is this procedure carried out

Facelift surgery is mostly performed under local anesthesia combined with sedatives.

It is a very individualized procedure because each face has different contours and requires individual treatment. Facelift surgery usually takes couple of hours and in case of intensive surgery it is possible to make an appointment for two separate sessions.

With a facelift an incision is made around the ear and along the hairline to minimize scarring.Then it follows the natural line behind the ears ,curving along the auricle and in or along the lower part of the scalp.

The exact position of the incision and operation course depend on every individual face structure and the technique used by surgeon.

Postoperative course goes smoothly and in case of any discomfort painkillers are administered and the patients soon feel better.

After a week a patient feels significant i provement and most of them go back to work ten days or two weeks after the intervention.

Eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lift is a very important and popular intervention because it gives a face a fresh, healthy and more natural looks.

Eyebrows as well as their shape are very important because they have a significant effect on facial looks.

Eyebrow lift

The sagging eyebrows are the consequence of skin and subcutaneous tissue ageing. This intervention smoothes the deeper furrows of the forehead.
Sagging eyebrows give a face a tired looks and partly block the visual field.Eyebrow lift corrects all these problems successfully.

How is this procedure performed

It takes just a couple of minutes under local anaesthesia to lift eyebrows in their inner, middle and outer part or in all three parts if necessary.

Neck lift

Neck lift has become one of the most important operations in cosmetic surgery.

This intervention has refreshing effect on the face, gets a new, brighter and more firm look.

If neck muscles are flaccid in younger persons, neck lyposuction and platysma are carried out and excellent results are achieved. Usually, the neck lift is done in more advanced age.

How is this intervention performed

Necklift surgery consists of lifting the skin and tightening muscles with the aim of making the skin smooth and at the same time correcting  face contours by lifting sagging cheeks and reducing double chin. A necklift can reverse the appearance of these unwanted effects.
This intervention is performed under total anesthesia and in all procedures the incision is small and leaves almost unnoticeable scar. The recovery takes about ten days and two or three weeks after the operation the patient can get back to normal life.

Forehead lift

Forehead lift is a procedure used to smoothe the forehead which gives the face a fresh and radiant look.

It smoothes horizontal expression lines and vertical frown lines between the eyebrows.

How is this procedure performed

Forehead lift is carried out either as a separate surgical procedure or as an additional intervention combined with facelift.This intervention is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for about two hours.The incision is made along the hairline over the top of the head so that the scar is invisible.

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