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Urinary incontinence

The problem of urinary incontinence

Urinarne inkontinencije
Urinary incontinence

The problem of urinary incontinence is the involuntary  leakage of urine.

The muscles and tissue most often become weaker, owing to age, pregnancy, vaginal delivery,obesity, diabetes, hormonal therapy hysterectomy, physical activity,smoking, diet,other health problems or family history .


In the Atlas general hospital  patients can have the following examinations done: urological examination, ultrasound, cystoscopy with stress test and establishing diagnosis and treatment.

There are several types of incontinence:

-Stress incontinence-leaking of urine during physical activities such as lifting weight,physical exercise and laughing, sneezing and coughing.

-Urge incontinence-the sudden and intensive urge to urinate although you may have urinated a while before-inability to control the urge to urinate long enough to reach the toilet

The reasons why women do not seek medical help for incontinence include the following:

-They believe that their symptoms are normal part of ageing process.

-They do not know that incontinence can be treated.

-They are embarrassed to talk about it.


How is the procedure carried out?

More and more women today turn to minimally invasive treatments.These procedures may include less pain and a shorter recovery period.

Procedure of implanting urethral sling- a sling is placed around the urethra to lift it back into a normal position and to exert pressure on the urethra to aid urine retention.The sling is attached to abdominal wall.

This procedure is minimally invasive and it can be performed as one-day surgery and recovery period is very short.

In most cases,women can get back to their light daily activities,including going back to work within a couple of days and since the incisions are very small the healing process is very short.

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