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Moles come in many colors, but they are often brown or black.

Most of the time you do not need to worry about them.

But those that change in size,shape or color could signal skin cancer.



When the mole has been removed it is sent for histopathology analysis.

How is this procedure performed?

Radiosurgery is a great method for mole removal and is widely used in plastic surgery and dermatosurgery. The advantages of this method are brevity and simplicity. It usually lasts no more than five minutes and there are no stitches, no blood and no pain after the intervention.

The resulting scar is imperceptible to the casual observer.

There is also a specimen to submit to pathology.

Radiosurgery is also an ideal technique for all other benign changes on the skin:

warts, keratoses, fibromas, granuloma, atheromas, dermatofibromas, syringomas, csantelasmas and angiomas.

One of the greatest advantages of the radiosurgery is that it is absolutely safe for removal of changes on eyelids. These interventions are very short, lasting only from 20-30 seconds and yielding excellent results.


Prognosis of melanoma depends on how deeply it has grown into the skin and whether it has spread.

It also depends on some clinical i indicators: elderly people and men have poorer prognosis than younger people and women. Fortunately, only 4% of patients have metastases at the moment when diagnosis is established. When the mole has been removed it is submitted to pathology.

Tumors in radial, phase do not have metastases and if they have been completely removed they do not  recur.

Only 30 % of patients with metastases in regional lymph nodes have a five-year survival, while the survival rate for those with distant metastases is only 5 to 10 percent.

Since surgery is the only efficient way of treatment, the team of the Atlas hospital specialists advise regular check-up so that any potential problems may be recognized and treated on time. Recognition and early treatment of atypical moles can save life.


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