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Buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a method used to make fuller and more rounded buttocks .

This intervention has become very popular in the last ten years.

Buttock augmentation
Buttock augmentation

How is this procedure carried out

Surgical butt augmentation treatments include fat transfer or butt implants.

Implants are most appropriate for treating flat or poorly defined buttocks, particularly for patients who have limited fatty tissue.

With this procedure, a soft, shaped silicon implant is placed through an incision hidden inside the natural buttock crease.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and after it, the patient is not able to sit for ten days.


Buttock augmentation by fat transfer

This procedure takes fat from one area of your body and uses it to enhance and reshape your buttocks. The fat is re-injected using syringes connected to cannulae. There are usually three small incisions but these incision sites are easily hidden by clothing.

After this intervention the patient is not able to sit from ten to fifteen days.


Buttock augmentation by using fillers

This procedure is carried out by placing fillers in subcutaneous tissue.

The filler is injected through small 2-mm incisions.

After the intervention the patient is not able to sit for ten days.


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