Reumatology • Atlas General Hospital


The consultants in the Atlas general hospital deal with treatment and prevention of different rheumatic diseases:

-diffuse diseases of connective tissue

-rheumatoid arthritis

-juvenile arthritis

– SLE (systemic lupus eritematomous)

-SSC (systemc sclerosis)

-diffuse fasciitis with eosinophilia


– vasculitis

-sjogren’s syndrome

-overlap syndrome


-Reiter’s syndrome

-psoriasis arthritis

-arthritis connected with inflammatory bowel diseases -osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) -rheumatic syndromes connected with infectious agents -metabolic and endocrine diseases connected with rheumatoid conditions -gaut ,pseudogaut -hydroxyapatite arthropathy,haemophilia,amyloidosis,etc


-neurovascular diseases

-Charcot joint

-Raynaud phenomenon

-bone and cartilage diseases



-Paget’s disease

-Tiet’s syndrome

-non-joint diseases

-bursitis, enthesopathy

-intravertebral disc disorders

-other different diseases connected with joint changes


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