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Orthokine therapy

Orthokine therapy is a unique way of treating joint pains due to arthritis (I-III degrees), backpain, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries without using drugs or other chemical substances.

It is completely biological method of treatment because it only uses endogenous proteins and factors for treatment.

Orthokine therapy has been in use since 1997 and more than 200.000 patients have been successfully treated since then.

The use of this method enables simultaneous treatment of more sites on the body and it is based on specific substances which are found in the patients’ own bodies and that is why they are easily accepted.

In the Atlas general hospital, this therapy is used to treat spinal pain:discus hernia, radiculopathia, facet joints arthritis.


How is this procedure carried out?

Orthokine therapy starts with extracting patients’ own blood which is then manipulated and then reintroduced to the body as an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce chronic pain and osteoarthritis.

This process removes about 59ml of blood from a patient’s arm , which is then incubated at a slightly raised temperature. The liquid is then placed in centrifuge until its constituent parts are separated. 

The middle yellowish layer is dense with agents that are believed to stop an arthritic agent known as interleukin-1, which causes degeneration of the joints and break down of cartilage.

That serum is injected into the patient’s affected area.

The procedure reduces pain and discomfort in the joint.

The treatment generally lasts 5 days, with 6 shots of the serum into the affected area.

It is normal for a patient to receive annual injections to ease the joint discomfort.

Knee, hip, shoulder,elbow, ankle osteoarthritis, traumatic injuries of joint cartilage are successfully treated by using this method.

Besides that, this method is also used for treating traumatic musculature rupture, pathological changes affecting tendons and ligaments as well as other inflammatory and post-traumatic conditions.

The results of Orthokine therapy vary from case to case.

The smaller the extent of cartilage damage or other tissue at the beginning of treatment is the longer will last the positive effects of the therapy.

This treatment is always recommended to patients who are in good health.


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